10 Early Symptoms Which Shows Dual Symptoms

When a person is detected with an alcohol or drug issue along with any mental illness, this condition is termed as dual diagnosis. The problem is more usual than people think of. Recovering from a drug addiction and substance abuse is not at all easy. The healing procedure is too difficult and lengthy due to its relapse phenomenon, along with those people isfighting internally to get rid of it, but can bear the consequences.

Dual diagnosis affects around 9-10 million people each year, worldwide. It requires a specialized structured treatment procedure to heal it. Integrated dual diagnosis treatment treats both the issues simultaneously, which is the basic procedure to heal it. If any single treatment is followed to treat one disorder at a time then the medications might have a reverse impact on the other disorder. Ultimately hampering more than curing it.

If you or your loved one is going through such disorder, it is important to know the warning signs, and to treat it as early as it is possible to stop further affect any more. To get the best treatment with 100% recovery you should contact concise recovery. They are renowned by the name San Fernando Valley Rehab. They have more than 60 certified expert staffs. Their advance technique of treatment, safe and secure environment makes them the only choice for those who are seeking treatment for dual diagnosis.

Signs Which Predicts of Dual Diagnosis

  • In pre addiction stage , there was signs of anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression
  • Anxiety, depression, or any other mental issues increases without drugs or alcohol
  • New friend zone of same behavioral issues
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Using drugs or alcohol makes you feel better
  • Quitting addictive substance is impossible to you
  • Concentration issues and panic attacks
  • Depression arises in the initial stage of quitting drugs or alcohol
  • Erraticbehavior, insomnia becomes your new nature

Physical Changes Which Determine Dual Diagnosis

  • Dilated pupils or pinpointed eyes
  • Erratic behavior
  • Negligence in personal hygiene
  • Staying aloof
  • Loss of interest in usual activities
  • Insomnia


Any sort of addiction worsen mental health, either it be drugs or be it alcohol. There are dual diagnosis rehab centers which deals with both this type of disorder simultaneously in an effective way. Treatment usually depends upon the intensity of the addiction. The treatment varies person to person. Usually there are three steps in the treatment:

  • The client is evaluated, and checked thoroughly to find the actual disorder. Then the best treatment is prescribed. Clients who are having high intensity addiction may need to get admitted in an inpatient facility. Those with less severe addiction can be given outpatient treatment
  • In the initial phase a detoxification method is done, to remove all the toxicants like drugs or alcohols from the body, and deal with relapses. Patients are sometime prescribed few medicines to deal with withdrawal symptoms like depression, hallucinations, etc.
  • The final stage is the rehabilitation, where the patient is provided a drug-free environment with few group sessions.

The treatment is a never ending process, patients continue to receive care, guidance and support even after they are discharged from the rehab center.

No matter how worse the addiction is, may it be a dual diagnosis, all are curable and those people can return to their normal drug free life.

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