3 Dangers of Chronic Drinking

Many people enjoy drinking socially or unwinding with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day. However, drinking to excess on a consistent basis can have a lot of negative effects on people’s lives. If they become addicted, they may find themselves dealing with legal, health or relationship issues.

  1. Legal Troubles

Public intoxication can lead to a night in jail, especially if the person is belligerent, loud or gets into altercations. If the intoxicated person decides to drive a vehicle, they can put lives in danger. Even if they do not cause an accident or hit an object, the driver may be pulled over by the police and taken to jail. This can lead to an expensive trial and the need to hire defense lawyers Yorktown Heights NY.

  1. Health Issues

There are many health risks associated with consistent alcohol use. The liver, heart and brain can all be negatively affected by chronic alcohol use. Existing mental and physical health issues can be exacerbated and lead to expensive treatments. When pregnant women imbibe alcohol, they put their baby at risk for developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

  1. Relationship Breakdowns

Alcohol has detrimental effects on the brain and can cause changes in behavior or decision-making processes. Relationships with loved ones, coworkers and others can be damaged due to the new behavior patterns. At first, people may be confused, accepting or attempt to help, but over time, they may sever ties. Using alcohol while on the job can lead to accidents and result in unemployment.

While many people can enjoy the occasional drink without any issues, if they notice that they are steadily increasing the amount they drink or they experience withdrawal symptoms when they do not drink, they should seek help from a support group or professional.

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