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4 Last-Minute Ways Improve Your Home’s Value

Your home is a long-term investment. When you get ready to sell, you should make sure the value of your home has gone up while you owned it. During that time, maybe you replaced cabinets or upgraded the bathroom, but here are four easy things you can do last minute that also add value.

Tidy the Yard

A full landscape overhaul is not a quick thing, but you can rake dead leaves and weed to make your yard look better. If you have shrubs, then run and water them so they look their best. If you have been doing this regularly, Forbes says it can add 1% to 10% to your home’s asking price.

Upgrade the Doors

If you have time, upgrade the windows as well, but doors are a quick improvement that can add security and energy efficiency. Impact doors West Palm Beach are great for windy areas and have the added benefit of lowering some home insurance costs.

Change the Filters

The EPA says most humans spend 90% of their time inside, so indoor air quality is important. If someone with a preexisting lung condition views your home with an eye toward buying, their sensitivity to air pollutants makes it more likely they would notice whether the air is clean. Changing your filters before showing your home is a quick way to make your home attractive to all buyers, regardless of their health.

Trick the Eye

Home expansions are expensive and take time. You can quickly fool the human eye into thinking your home is bigger with some clever decor placement. Three easy ways to do this are installing mirrors, replacing drapes with vertical blinds, and cleaning up clutter.

As you get ready to sell your West Palm Beach home, there are a few easy things you can do to increase its value. Do these things before getting an estimate and showing your home to buyers.

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