4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Personal Injury Firm

When you have suffered from a personal injury, you are already in pain. You are tired of hurting and you don’t want to fight – but even so, a personal injury means you need to get a lawyer. Why? Your medical bills shouldn’t be your responsibility if someone else is at fault. Consider how much time you will have to take off work, or how much you will lose from your personal life. It is only right that the bill should lie with those who are responsible.

All this being said, that doesn’t mean that you should be at the mercy of the nearest, or cheapest, personal injury attorney. In fact, we would actively encourage you to compare services when it comes to finding the right lawyer for you. Once you have seen what everyone else has to offer, we are confident you will hire an experienced Seattle personal injury attorney based on their value alone.

What To Ask A Potential Law Firm

Before you settle on our service as the best one; let’s talk about what you should be asking when you shop around for a personal injury lawyer. This is someone you are going to have to trust with some fairly intimate information, so you want to make sure it is someone you can trust. To do so, ask these four things…

1 – How Many Cases Similar To Mine Have You Handled?

This question lets you decide based on experience. You might hire a firm or agency that assigns you someone who is fresh out of law school. There is nothing wrong with this, but someone who has handled countless similar cases to yours will know the ins and outs of the business better than someone with only a year or two of practicing to hand.

2 – What is Our Plan of Attack Here?

If a personal injury lawyer has already handled cases like yours before, then it stands to reason that your lawyer would be able to summarise at least one strategy to deal with your case. They should be able to do this off the top of their heads, without much prompting. If they can’t, you may want another attorney.

3 – What are some possible worst, and possible best, outcomes to all this for me?

If you set your sights on the best possible outcome from the outset and don’t let them back out, they know that nothing, but the best is expected of them. If a lawyer doesn’t already hold themselves to this standard, it is entirely possible there is something amiss.

4 – Do I have to go to Court?

This is a tricky one. Sometimes, going to court can really help your case. Other times, you might be too ill, or too injured to show up. This will be at the discretion of your lawyer, marking yet another reason why you need to be able to trust them from the outset.

Further Thoughts

Once you have found a personal injury lawyer that you do trust, you can ask them if they practice any other types of law. It is a good idea to have an attorney you can trust in your back pocket, just in case you ever need them. So once you have that number – don’t you lose it. You never know when it will come in handy.


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