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4 Spring Cleaning Tips

Whether or not it’s spring, it may be time to deep clean your house. Houses gather dirt, dust and grime every day. By taking the time to thoroughly remove all the unwanted filth from your home, not only will your living space feel cleaner, but it will also keep your family healthy. Here are four spring cleaning tips to carry you through the next deep cleaning.

Clean Your Vents

Your vents blow air through the house, which improves airflow and delivers the heat or cold you need. Return vents finish the job by taking air from the room and recycling it through. However, your air ducts also carry a lot of dust and dirt throughout the day.

Clean your vents, and open and close them according to your needs. You can also get non-corroding vent covers to improve the airflow in the room.

Throw Away What You Don’t Need

Organization is a big part of spring cleanings. As you are cleaning the house, declutter along the way. Put things where they need to go, create new spaces and throw away trash. As you organize, you may find items you don’t really need anymore. Throw them away or donate them. This will free up space and make your house feel even cleaner.

Be Thorough

Deep cleanings are important because they cover things that are normally overlooked. Don’t be afraid to dig in. Clean out refrigerators, wipe down walls and wash the windows. As you clean, consider replacing old appliances or devices. If the bathroom fan struggles to run, get a new one to prevent mold or excess grime in the future.

Wear Cleaning Gear

You’ll likely be using harsh chemicals and getting on your hands and knees during your spring cleaning. Wear gloves, masks and protective clothing to protect against inhaling strong chemicals or reacting to the dust and grime.

With these tips, you can have a successful spring cleaning.

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