4 Things You Should Add Casters to Right Now

Casters are one of the most brilliant inventions on the planet. Got a bulky piece of furniture or clunky table? There’s a caster for that. Once you get started with them, you may never stop. The humble caster wheel is a perfect way to add limitless functionality to virtually anything. Here are four uses for casters to help fuel your addiction.


Large bookshelves suddenly turn into useful room dividers with the addition of leveling casters on each corner. This works especially well in small shared spaces that you might want to section off at times and still have the potential to open them up as one larger room. Choose a shelf that’s accessible from both sides for even more perfect use for this purpose — then you can even stash double the number of books in the shelf.

Hobby Tables

Multipurpose rooms are the base camp for dozens of things: crafts, office work, guest room and home gyms. To keep your spare room as versatile as possible, add casters to each corner of your hobby table. Then, you can re-arrange the room as you see fit and easily put your projects to the side when you or others need to use the room for another purpose. This also makes it much more pleasant for others who must make use of the space after you.


The garage is the perfect place to make use of casters. Workbenches are a natural fit for casters. Adding wheels to your workbench allows you the ability to make more space, bring two benches together for a larger work surface or even arrange two like sawhorses to support particular projects. Then, when your time is done, you can tuck the workbenches away safely.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are an incredibly useful addition to any kitchen, but their stationary nature limits their use. By adding casters, you can increase the functionality of them instantly. Then, they also make a super convenient way of moving your workspace closer to the stove, taking a buffet-style meal out to the dining room or simply putting your project to the side when it needs to rest.

Casters are one of the best-kept secrets of the organizational world. The addition of wheels to nearly anything turns it into a much more valuable asset in your home. Their inexpensive nature also means that it’s easy to add them to everything. What will you add casters to next?

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