5 benefits of online personal training

The format of training in the gym with a personal trainer definitely has a number of disadvantages: you depend on the schedule of the trainer, and such pleasure is sometimes expensive. Over the past couple of years, portable fitness accompanied by an online trainer has gained particular popularity. In this article, we will discuss the top five benefits of virtual personal training.

How does an online coach work?

 You will most likely have an initial telephone or skype consultation to discuss your goals. Then you will communicate by e-mail or using instant messengers. There are many communication options. No wonder online fitness is called fitness on the go.

Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Fitness

Perhaps the biggest advantage here is the cost. As a rule, working with an online trainer does not affect the budget as much as training with a personal one, and, therefore, this training format is more accessible to more people.

Secondly, you do not waste time on the road to the gym, exercising at home or in the nearest fitness center. You can train with the best trainers regardless of their location with the best online training programs.

Thirdly, you can find an online trainer for a specific task in a specific niche (bodybuilding, yoga, fitness, martial arts, recovery, flexibility).

In addition, for those starting out on their own, online tutoring can be a great option in terms of accountability and discipline. If you’re used to training on your own but need help setting up a plan, having a mentor to support and guide you each week will help you get more confident on the path to achieving your goals.

And it goes without saying that the online training format is more flexible. If you can’t go to the gym at regular times or on a regular schedule, or if you want to be able to work out at home, a virtual fitness trainer is a great option. By the way, you might find this article about a private personal training program in Vancouver helpful.

What to expect from training with an online trainer?

When we are talking not just about online training, but about training with a personal online trainer and online coaching, which includes:

Stage 1: Determination of the goal: we discuss our expectations and goals again with the coach, adjust if necessary, and identify needs.

Stage 2: Determining the starting position: functional testing, measurements. So you can track the results and identify the effectiveness of training.

Stage 3: Drawing up an online training program and its implementation. You train according to the proposed online training program and eat according to the system if the program provides for such.

Stage 4: Obtaining feedback, correcting the program if necessary, making it more complicated or easier. Even if you have not rushed by leaps and bounds to your cherished goal after a couple of weeks, this is not a reason to leave your online coach. Each person is individual, and the coach is not a magician who immediately selects the right keys. The main thing is to be able to adapt the training program online and make adjustments in time. And this is ensured by constant feedback, monitoring, and control by the coach.

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