7 Healthy Wedding Catering Ideas For 2019

 A big fat Indian wedding is about good food and drinks. An Indian wedding is deemed to be incomplete without good food. No matter how grand a wedding might be but the food is what enhances its charm and adds on to its beauty. Food is the most essential part of a wedding. The guests might forget the grandeur of the wedding but the taste of food they had at your wedding continues to linger on their taste buds. The quality and taste of the food at a wedding matters the most. Guests’ falling ill after having your wedding food is the last thing that you would want to happen.

At a wedding there are various types of guests each with a different liking. You would not want your guests to return on an empty stomach from your wedding which is why you need to have something befitting the taste of everyone. Especially when you’re expecting diet conscious people at the wedding you need to be have food according to their liking. Since they refrain themselves from in taking carbs you need to have healthy food for them. With the wedding round the corner you must have booked a wedding caterers in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you plan to get hitched. If you worried about what food to serve to your diet conscious guests. Worry not as we have got you covered. Here we present before you a list of some best healthy wedding catering ideas for this year.

  1. Salad Bar

For people on a diet salad is love. When they refrain themselves from foods high on carbs and fats salad comes to their aid. Salad serves as a filling food for those on a diet. No wedding catering menu is complete with a salad bar. You can harbor your thoughts to create an out of the box wedding menu for your wedding. Right from having fruit sculptures to vegetable carvings various salad bar decoration ideas are available in the wedding market. To add uniqueness you can consider picking of exotic fruits for the salad corner.

  1. Live Counter

Traditional sit down dinners have become a catering style of the past. Modern weddings are about having live counters. The live counters give your guests the ability to make their own food. The guests can decide for themselves the amount of oil, spices and ingredients to be added to the food. With the live food counter the guests can be creator of their own dish.

  1. Soup

 Soups are the healthiest source of nutrition. For guests who follow a strict diet the soup is a source of nutrition for them. Especially for a winter wedding the soup serves as a hot beverage. Several varieties of soups are available in the food and beverage industry such as talumein soup, hot and sour soup, clear veg soup, tomato soup, mixed vegetable soup and way lot. You can select there-four varients of the soup and add it to your wedding menu.

  1. Fruit corners

Instead of having sweets as desserts which are loaded with artificial sweeteners you can consider opting for fruits which are natural source of sweets. For people on a strict diet artificial sweeteners are a strict no rather they focus on consuming healthy food and natural sweeteners. You can add exotic fruits and fruit chats to your wedding menu. To level up your wedding catering game you can consider having fruit yogurt as part of the menu.

  1. South Indian food

Of all Indian cuisines south Indian food the healthiest. The south Indian cuisines consist of foods that are steamed and high on nutritional value. They are less oily and low on calorie intake which is why they are best for health conscious people. You can opt to add scrumptious south Indian delicacies such as uttapam, idli, steamed fish, oil free dosas to your wedding menu and delight your guests on a diet.

  1. Japanese

Having international cuisines in the menu has become trendy at the modern weddings. One of healthiest international cuisines is Japanese cuisine. The ingredients used in the Japanese cuisines paired with the way of cooking are what make it healthy. Delight your guests as your serve them with grilled chicken, sushi, miso soup, seaweed salad, and grilled fish by napoleon grills reviews.

  1. Deli

Who doesn’t loves fast food? The people on a diet refrain themselves from having it as it is way too unhealthy and is high on carbs and fat. Surprise your guests as you serve them with the healthy variant of the fast food. You can add whole wheat pizza vegan pizza with vegetables, whole wheat sandwiches, tossed salads with French dressing as part of the menu

So these are healthy foods that you can have for your health conscious guests. Which food idea are you picking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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