8 Affordable Resorts in Raja Ampat Indonesia


When compared to other tourist destinations in Indonesia, vacationing in Raja Ampat is relatively expensive. But you don’t need to worry, because there are affordable resorts in Raja Ampat.

If you have plans to vacation in Raja Ampat, here are eight resorts in Raja Ampat at affordable prices.

  • Hamueco Raja Ampat Dive Resort

This cheap inn is precisely located on Saeo Beach, South Waigeo, Raja Ampat. The accommodation offered starts from IDR 800,000 per night. Although this inn is affordable, the facilities offered are pretty complete. You will be greeted with a beautiful panorama while staying here. In addition, you will also get three free meals a day, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Enjoy the beauty of the sea of ​​Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat, while staying at the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. The price per night at the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge starts from 3.5 million rupiahs. To save your budget, you can stay with your friends. The facilities available are pretty complete such as free WiFi, diving, and dining.

  • Korpak Resort

Korpak resort is located in Waigeo and can be reached within 10 minutes from Waisai. This resort has a floating cottage concept with prices starting from 2,000,000 per room per night. Because of its unique concept, this place attracts many travelers who want to staycation in Raja Ampat.

  • Mansuar Raja Ampat Bungalows

Mansuar Raja Ampat Bungalows are a favorite of many travelers because they have white sandy beaches, sea views, and easy-to-reach diving spots. In addition, you will also be pampered with a soothing panorama and karst mountains in the front yard. Arriving here guarantees you will feel at home and want to linger.

  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort

Located in Waigeo, Raja Ampat Dive Resort offers stunning seaside holiday accommodation with full-board service. In addition, each room at this resort is equipped with air conditioning. The Raja Ampat Dive Resort is owned by the former Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata. By paying 1 million per night, you can stay here.

  • Gurara Dive Resort Raja Ampat

Gurara Dive Resort Raja Ampat is located in Waisai, Raja Ampat. This hotel in Raja Ampat guarantees a pleasant stay for guests with standard type prices starting from 1 million per night and deluxe type of 1.6 million per night. Some of the facilities you can enjoy at this resort include a 24-hour front desk, restaurant, coffee shop, karaoke, and family room. Staying at Gurara Dive Resort Raja Ampat will provide an unforgettable accommodation experience.

  • TPK48 Resort

TPK48 Resort is a resort with the concept of lodging over the sea located on Waigeo Island. If you depart from Waisai Harbor, it will take you 15 minutes to get to the resort. Accommodation prices start from 1.5 million per night. Room facilities are pretty complete such as air conditioning, water heater, and private bathroom. If you want to stay here, you should make a reservation in advance because only six rooms are available.

  • Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat

This resort is located on Jl. Marinda Waiwo, Waigeo, Raja Ampat. At Waiwo Dive Resort, will greet guest with various complete facilities such as air conditioning in rooms, room service, 24-hour front desk, and rooms for families. Even Mr. President Joko Widodo has stayed at this resort.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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