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A Helpful Guide to New Fence Installation

From protecting your family to providing elevated curb appeal, a new fence is a valuable and significant home investment. At present, residential fence options are plentiful. Materials range from metal to bamboo, and fence styles can represent anything from contemporary to industrial tastes. With so many choices, it is important to consider several details prior to having your fence installed.

What Is Your Motive?

Decide what type of purpose your new fence will serve. Are you looking to protect your children or pets from a busy street? Is privacy from a nosey neighbor your incentive? Are you selling your home and hoping to increase its market value? Various types of fences are available to meet your needs. Professional installation is always recommended, and companies qualified in residential fencing Forest Lake IL can assist with your initial inquiry and planning.

Consult Your City Zoning Codes and Homeowners Association  

Ensure the fence you wish to install is approved by both your city and, if applicable, your homeowners association. Each town has a separate set of rules regarding new fence installation, and some cities require a building permit to begin work. Homeowners associations vary between neighborhoods, yet they have the potential to impose restrictions regarding fence height, material or location. In any case, building prior to approval can result in potential fines or complete demolition. To avoid penalties, always consult the proper authorities prior to any home improvement project.

Include Your Neighbors

Because your neighbors will gain a daily glimpse of your newly built fence, preserve your good relationship by outlining your agenda prior to installation. Inform them that you accurately researched property lines, and reassure them that your new fence will not obstruct their current views. Sometimes, a fence indicates the land divide between neighbors and is utilized by both parties equally. In this case, neighbors must come to a common decision regarding the fence construction. While building a fence on your property alone is ultimately your decision, open communication will allow you to maintain your neighborly friendliness.

A new fence can provide security, privacy and curb appeal. As with any home improvement project, initial research is essential. With a bit of investigation, you will be well on your way to a smooth installation and an attractive new fence.

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