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A Spring Makeover for Your Home

Winter temperatures can make it difficult to address issues throughout your home. However, when the weather warms up, it’s a great time to give your home the extra attention it needs. Take advantage of this season and prepare your home for years of use by checking these items off your list.

Start With the Exterior

A good pressure washing west palm beachfl can remove years of dirt, buildup and debris from your home’s exterior, giving it a fresh and beautiful look. In addition, it can help deter unwanted pests and prevent dangerous mold growth on your property. Once everything has been properly cleaned, consider other touch-ups to give your home even more curb appeal. Upgrade to a new mailbox, apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door and buy a new welcome mat for the spring season.

Give Your Lawn and Garden Some Love

As the days get longer, all plants on your property will start to grow, even if they’re unwanted. Get ahead of the game by addressing weeds early in the season. Treat your lawn as needed and consider laying down a layer of black plastic in your flower garden to inhibit weed growth. Create openings for your plants, then top with a fresh layer of mulch to keep it beautiful while reducing the number of unwelcome plants.

Check Your Home’s Major Systems

Most people participate in spring cleaning to refresh their home’s interior. It’s also a great time to give everything the once over and check for potential problems. Inspect doors and windows for energy loss and have your HVAC system serviced for maximum efficiency. It’s also a good time for plumbing and pest inspections.

By addressing these areas, you can help maintain your home while improving its look and function. Take the time to give your home a makeover every spring so you can enjoy it inside and out.

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