A weekend in Bharatpur

Bharatpur is one of the most amazing places in India, which is drenched by folklore and culture. It was ruled by various rulers like Jats, Nizams, and the British. Being the hotbed of historical places in India, Bharatpur came to my mind first when I was planning for my annual family vacation. I was very excited about taking my family to Bharatpur when UNESCO declared it as of the World Heritage Sites.

Since it was a joint-family trip, I wanted to avail a tempo traveler in Faridabad who could carry four big luggage and two small ones. I booked for a two-way journey so that we later do not have to worry about how we will return. The traveler booking cost me only 10000 rupees, which is not even one-third of the expense I would have had to bear if we were traveling by air. All the seats of the traveler could be pushed back, which made the entire trip comfortable for my parents and my kids. The car was clean that it also had a small television, which kept my whole family from getting bored on our way to Faridabad. It was after a long time that my entire family and I spent quality time on a road trip.

Best time to visit Bharatpur

We visited Bharatpur in March. It is the perfect time to visit that place as the cold winter was somewhat gone by the time we visited. It left us with beautiful weather to roam around and spot the delightful birds which migrate to Faridabad. The temperature did not go below 20 degrees C in the morning and 10 degrees C at night. The public transport over there is only restricted to cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. I think that is the reason behind the fresh air of the city. In addition to its beauty, the wind was so sweet that it rejuvenated my soul.

The enchanting Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

After we arrived at Faridabad, I decided to book a reliable taxi in Faridabad. We went to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It hosts various species of birds, more than 200 species. The sanctuary is filled with indigenous water-feathered creatures, waterside winged creatures, as well as transient water flying animals. They offer three different kinds of safari rides, elephant back safari, rickshaw safari, and jeep rides. We first took the jeep safari. We went deep inside the jungle on the jeep. After exploring the jungles, we booked the elephant back safari to get the perfect views of the birds. The safari coasted us only 25 rupees per head.

A visit to the past

Coming from a family where everyone is passionate about history, we went to The Lohagarh Fort. The name says, “the fort of iron,” which denotes that the fort is virtually impenetrable. It was initially built in 1732, and what attracted me is how simple was its architecture. It homed simple frills, paintings, and carvings, which made the fort peculiarly beautiful. The fort has three palaces, the Palace of Badan Singh, Kamra Palace, and the Mahal Khas. It was so quiet and peaceful that I could sit there all day and enjoy the lovely breeze. The structure of the fort portrays how the firm and string can stand through the wave of time. We also visited Banke Bihari Temple, Bharatpur Palace and Museum, Ganga Mandir, Laxman Temple, Government Museum, Dholpur Palace, and Band Baretha.

Shopping paradise in Bharatpur

I am a shopaholic, and Bharatpur did not fail to amaze me with its various fantastic shopping places. My family and I went to Mathura Gate from where we bought the costumes and jewelry. Then we went to Chaurburja Bazaar from where we other various exotic things. The merchandise in both markets was reasonably priced, which further made me very happy. I could shop without worrying about my bank balance. Some of the items that I bought include Jaipur textiles, antiques, brass work, marble carvings, handicrafts, and carved jewelers of semi-precious and precious stones. My mother bought some colorful Jaipur handloom sarees made of bandhej materials, which look very attractive. The kundans flawlessly represents the ageless and intricate Rajasthani culture and art.

As it is an exotic and offbeat destination, it served us with authentic Rajasthani culture, tradition, religious occasions, food, art, and much more. Visiting Bharatpur made me feel connected to the entire Indian culture and showed how beautiful these outskirts areas are for a lovely vacation.

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