Android performance booster

Android phones are available any price range. You can buy decent phone for cheap price. But those devices not have powerful hardware to deliver performance many of you expected. It may be faster when you buy it or before installing apps and games. But with time those devices lose its performance faster than flagship devices.

There are many ways that you can bring device performance back with storage space without factory resetting. Factory resetting mean deleting all installed apps, games, your photos, videos, files and everything. It is not an option for many of you. There are many performance booster applications like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, CCleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc. Here we are focused on NOX cleaner. Which is freely available on all major App stores like Play Store, Amazon App store, AC Market and Aptoide.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Junk Cleaner – You can’t manually remove junks from your device to get free storage space. Because deleting junks is not an easy task. If you accidently remove essential file for app, game or system, those may malfunction and cause errors. You can easily remove junks like cache, residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, downloaded files and more. 

Real-Time Antivirus – NOX cleaner has extra features apart from junk cleaning like this antivirus. This feature can do real time scanning for viruses, malwares, adware, trojans and potential privacy threats. This is a one tap feature that protect your device from such threats.

Memory Booster – Excessive use of Memory or RAM cause Android device to run slow. That’s why you can’t run your favorite apps, or games at max performance. This feature can quickly close all opened apps, background service to free RAM and CPU. That make enough room for current application to run smoothly without lag or stuck.

Notification blocker – Having many apps and games cause to have many notifications. Because all most all apps and games push notifications. Having unwanted and annoying notifications may miss important notifications. You can block or remove all unwanted notification using NOX cleaner.

CPU Cooler – When the number of apps and background processors are high, CPU get hot. Because CPU work at stress when the workload increases. Those heat dissipate through phone body. You can cool your Android device by reducing CPU workload. Use this feature to cool your CPU quickly.

Game Booster – Game need more RAM and CPU to work smoothly. You can use this feature to close all other apps and tasks to make room for your game. Use Game booster to boost your game performance easily.

You can install this application on Android TV boxes too. For that you can use play store TV, Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

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