Beautiful Fleeting Moments Can Be Kept Forever

All moments are fleeting, but not all of them are beautiful. When a moment is both beautiful and fleeting, it’s natural to want to capture it forever somehow.

Cameras Make the Fleeting Permanent

One of the best ways to capture a beautiful fleeting moment is through the use of a camera. Anyone can take a picture, but most people aren’t experts at using cameras to their full potential. Luckily, you can look for landscape photography Pittsburgh PA, for example, and find expertly taken, beautiful pieces that way. The great thing about cameras is that they can capture a moment exactly as it is. There’s no interpretation involved, making pictures pure and exact images of our world.

Poems Capture Beautiful Moments in Words

If you’re going to capture a beautiful and fleeting moment through the written word, the obvious choice is through poetry. This is an art that may seem daunting or unapproachable to some, but modern poetry is a wily, free thing that is open to everybody. You can choose to write a formal poem like a sonnet, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. The most common kind of modern poetry is free verse poetry, after all, which is a form of poetry that practically has no rules at all. The only requirement is to follow your heart and write what makes you feel good, satisfied and/or happy. Unlike using a camera to take photos, using words to describe the beautiful images you see about our world will leave some room for interpretation by whoever reads your poem. However, there’s fun in that too! It’ll be interesting to hear how others interpret your words.

There are many ways to capture beautiful fleeting moments. For example, they can be captured in images via camera or in words via poetry.

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