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Do you know what has been the fastest growing clothing category in recent years? Used clothes. Online second-hand clothing retail services and social media-driven flea market activities have increased consumer interest in selling their own used (and even unused) clothing and buying it from others. According to the study, the growth in the second-hand clothing market is primarily driven by young consumers, whose interest in buying and selling second-hand clothing may even diminish their interest in buying new clothes. You can buy confortable kilts for men also.

The Looks

Existing research typically looks at buying used products from either a savings or an environmentally friendly point of view. While these are important reasons to buy second-hand clothes, we wanted to find out what other motives are involved in buying second-hand clothes. We chose luxury clothing and accessories for our research, which are especially popular with hedonistic and symbolic motifs.

  • We interviewed 22 consumers who have recently purchased luxury products from other consumers. All interviewees were Finnish women aged 25-40 and were contacted through a Facebook flea market focusing on luxury clothing and accessories. The interview material was examined in the so-called from the perspective of shopping styles.

The Study Results

The study found that buyers of used luxury products are determined in particular by price-quality awareness and appreciation for the beautiful aging of the used product and its quality. Quality awareness, for example, was described as: “In my opinion, the real quality and craftsmanship of the brand is only seen in the handbags purchased. Quality takes time. ”

  • In addition, a new shopping style was identified from the interview material: resale value awareness. Among other things, such statements described this shopping style: “I bought this Chanel when I noticed that the prices of classic luxury goods are constantly rising. I will sell it at some point and I know I will get 50% more of what I originally paid for it.” These consumers felt they were only one of several owners during the product life cycle. They believed that by buying either iconic or emerging brands, they could get their price back at the resale. Along with these there are also options for the best rated uke amp. In other works, all the accessories are available.

Last words:

Given the high environmental load of the clothing industry, research findings are encouraging; When buying used products, consumers pay attention to product quality, durability and resale value. Online consumer goods retail sites and services play a key role in changing consumer behavior. Without a functioning second-hand market, consumers will not be able to find what they are looking for and can rely on selling their own products. The industry should pay attention to highlighting product quality and finding the right consumer segment.

At first, online shopping may seem B2B buyers complicated and maybe a little exciting, but after being careful at the outset, trading is starting to go unnoticed. By trying and buying, you learn to spot important things and mistakes are easier to avoid. However, the great advantage of online shopping is that you have a huge selection of clothing and products at your fingertips that are hard to find in a mere stone shop.

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