Different types of Dock Carts

A fleet of different dock carts align many marinas and most yacht clubs. These fleet of dock carts are used to transport coolers, gear, clothing and other things, from their cars to their boats. The most common ones have big spoke wheels, three sides and good capacity for the boats even a kid can get to take a ride down to the dock as it is roomy. There are many ways, needs and reasons for dock carts but what would fit your desire. So, it should be important to take a look at the different types from the folding cart, wheeled dollies, hand trucks for starters; notwithstanding, aluminium dock carts themselves. .

First, let take a look at Dock Dolly and Sea Bowld which are similar and in the category of hand truck type that falls under Roleez Folding-wheel. These two are so much alike that one could imagine them being made and manufactured in China in the same factory. They only a few differences to get one confused in the sense that one would have to wonder what are the actual similarities vs differences. The platforms that are aluminum with non-skid bumps are actually slightly different. The Rolezz has cords in the bungee and shock style to ensure loads are fastened to the aluminum frame. The Rolezz is made in a good way and is a little bit heavier in pounds than the Dock Dolly and Sea Bowld. The Rolezz requires no assembly. One can just pull out the airless rubber wheels which are black and they are folded inward. One can use his/her foot to push down the platform as the wheels and platform are made to move together. Once that is done one can depress the cross wire which is the top control. It seems like more of a metal rod. Then the handle should be pulled up and it will extend to full length. Then one can be on the move.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the Dock Dolly. As it goes, once again the similarities standout as it is pretty obvious in this case that this hand truck was made as the Sea Bowld by the same company. The same packaging and simple design that includes folding non-slip platform and fold-out wheels that are non-marring EVA. The handle has a “lock in” up position. The difference includes the fact that there are no bungee cords, no handle “lock in” down position. A pretty big stand out are the larger wheels which are about 7 inches.

Last, the Pack N Roll is a suitcase-size and style dolly that looks like a plastic milk crate that is black and is for a platform. The 3 inch wheels are much smaller in comparison to the others. The handle is extendable when it is released by pressing a button on the end of the handle that is very similar to the small wheeled carry on suitcases. It seems to be the most compact of all the carts as it has many little compartments. These compartments include a cargo box that is revealed when one unsnaps the two sides and shakes open. The hinged flow falls down to the secure square cargo box. In the event of rain, there is a separate lid that can be used to cover items. Although it is very versatile and compact with many functions, the Pack N Roll is not that robust of all the carts tested. The handle is loose and wiggles; not to mention, again the wheels are small. This makes it not as sturdy as the rest.

In short, one could seek and compare much but this is just a start for aluminium dock carts and more.


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