Discover The Best Of Gastronomic Tourism With Our Tips

First, when discussing tourism, we immediately think of walks, landscapes, history, and culture. But did you know that you can also learn a lot about a place through its mouth? That’s right; gastronomy is one factor that most motivates the traveler! Thinking about it, we brought here some gastronomic tourism tips that are worth checking out!

By the way, this type of tourism is focused on the food of the travelers, where you can discover and taste typical delicacies from each place. Therefore, it is possible to know the local culture beyond even the history of that people, just through the taste. So, if you also want to experience this incredible experience, check out The International Kitchen® tips below!


Perhaps one of the cheapest gastronomic tourism tips on this list is to go to a supermarket in the city. By the way, if you are going to stay in an Airbnb, this task will be necessary. So, take the opportunity to discover some products that you have never seen in your life! Even if it may not be part of your routine or daily menu, try not to restrict yourself. Therefore, do everything you can to explore new things—the more varied, the better!

So, it’s not just in Brazil that there are food fairs. Both fruits and vegetables and typical dishes, sweets, and even drinks, many places around the globe have this tradition. In this way, it is a unique opportunity to experience the local culture.

However, research beforehand to find out if there will be any fairs typical of the region on the dates of your visit. That’s because some happen on specific dates or days of the week. Therefore, it is good to research in advance and, if possible, rearrange your dates so you can enjoy this cultural immersion.

Street Food

We are not just talking about the fairs mentioned above. In that sense, street foods can offer you a unique gastronomic experience! This makes it a special chance to learn about the local way of life. Take the renowned New York hot dog, for instance. It’s challenging to travel to the city without trying something so distinctive. So, almost every city offers food trucks, kiosks, or even stalls—all with some dishes that are very characteristic of the place and are worth trying. In addition, food values ​​in these places tend to be much more affordable, which is another advantage for tourists.

Guided Tour

But, anyway, do you know what a food tour is? The concept involves a guided tour to discover the local gastronomy and is one of the best gastronomic tourism tips. As a result, you can learn about the history and culture and sample some of the local cuisine and beverages, which are typically included in the package. The guided gastronomy tour can also be a great way to meet new people and sample local cuisine. The guided culinary tour can also be a great way to meet new people and sample local cuisine. In addition, it is very practical for those who do not have much time to research or spend a few days enjoying the same city.

Choose The Hotel By The Cuisine

So, if you are going to travel for Culinary tours, there is a great possibility that you will stay in hotels or inns. As a result, while making reservations, seek out locations that serve a standard dinner. Smaller inns usually have their kitchen that can offer delicious dishes with a strong local flavor. By the way, this is a great cost benefit to get to know the gastronomy of your destination since you won’t have to look far to try the food. In addition, you can also ask for directions to dishes or even other restaurants to make a complete gastronomic tour.

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