Drug Rehab Programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also known as Brew City, has a rich and vibrant history, including a culture built around making and drinking beer. Thankfully, those who find themselves struggling with addiction can find help through a Milwaukee drug rehab.

As Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee has much to offer its residents. The city is home to world-renowned museums, performing arts venues, and plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. It boasts a lakefront location on the shores of the Great Lakes, providing recreational opportunities year-round in addition to the cultural attractions within the city.

The brewery industry in Milwaukee has a long history. The city has been nicknamed Beertown, Beer City, and Brew City, and even its professional baseball team is named the Milwaukee Brewers.

With a history steeped in the creation and consumption of beer, many Milwaukee residents struggle with alcohol addiction as well as drug addiction. Whether an individual is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, effective Milwaukee drug and alcohol treatment programs are available.

Addiction Treatment in Milwaukee, WI

Drug and alcohol treatment in Milwaukee, WI is available in a continuum of care that ranges from support services to get a person into treatment to follow-up programs that help keep a person committed to sobriety after treatment. The continuum follows a proven series of treatment levels to help transition an individual from a life controlled by addiction to one focused on sobriety.

Addiction treatment services may include:

  • Intervention
  • Medical detox
  • Inpatient addiction treatment
  • Outpatient addiction treatment
  • Aftercare or alumni services

Most rehabs in Milwaukee will perform an intake interview and a clinical assessment to determine the best treatment plan, which may include all or some of these service levels.

Intervention Services

An intervention is often the first step in the treatment process. Intervention specialists in Milwaukee can help families have a conversation with a loved one they suspect is dealing with an addiction. Professional interventionists know how to address the problem and help an individual recognize their need for help.

Medical Detox Services

Detoxing from an addictive substance causes uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Milwaukee detox programs provide medical support and help patients manage these symptoms as they work through the detox process. Often this involves the use of medications to control or prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

The most effective way to battle addiction is through an inpatient treatment program. An inpatient program gives the individual a place to live protected, monitored, and drug-free, all while participating in therapy and treatment. By taking the individual away from daily life and triggers, inpatient treatment providers can help patients to focus on recovery and provide the tools for success, visit our website to get more information.

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