Excessive Force Prevention Tips

The last few years have seen an increase in excessive force claims and prosecutions. Although officers who knowingly use this force should be prosecuted, false accusations may affect police morale and processes, resulting in public safety concerns. Therefore, both officers and civilians should consider learning more about what constitutes excessive force by law enforcement Edmond OK and how to prevent its use and claims.

Police Training

Police training should be expanded to include human relations, including cultural differences and community characteristics. They should expand their communication skills, which may include verbal and written communication, hostage negotiation and conflict resolution.

They should learn their department policies and the laws related to use of force, including Graham v. Connor. Finally, they should become comfortable using nonlethal tactics, such as pepper spray, rubber bullets and tasers.

Mental Health

Psychological testing may be pursued for prospective police officers. In addition, these individuals should have access to mental health counseling. Their jobs are stressful, dangerous and high-risk. They may need to talk to someone about their fears, experiences and feelings and learn new coping mechanisms.

Additional Police Tips

Police officers should write clear, detailed reports after every incident. They should have a relationship with a criminal attorney and seek guidance if any issues arise. Finally, officers should also be involved in their communities so the locals know them and learn to trust them.

Civilian Responsibilities

Civilians should understand that the police are human too, which means they also experience fear. If a civilian makes sudden moves, resists arrest or shows aggression toward an officer, that officer may react on instinct, making poor decisions and mistakes. Therefore, civilians should remain calm, do as the police officer asks and obey the law.

Police officers protect the people, and their jobs are not easy. By working together, the police and civilians can reduce or eliminate the use of excessive force.

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