Freedom and Self Defense

Does the citizen want to hunt? He goes to the entity, asks for the possession and possession license and then at the agency that regulates hunting. There, take the hunter’s license and go hunting.

Does the citizen want to be an athlete? Go to the organization, ask for possession and possession license and then at the federation / confederation / shooting club and become an athlete.

Does the citizen just want to have a weapon to defend himself? Go to the entity, ask for the possession and possession license and that’s it.

Self-defense is the right of all but one person who does not want and / or does not meet the requirements and, obviously, criminal.

We do not agree with the restriction of possession of weapons in the country. If we have the right to life, defending it is natural, and if you need a weapon to become equal to all men, it is non-negotiable.

The natural control of knowing who bought and the quantity is normal, but limiting the purchase, quantity and increasingly controlling the sport is unacceptable.

There is already a long way to have access to weapons and this should be facilitated, with due legal requirements.

It is time to take control of the state over controlled products and thus be sure that leftist policies do not influence this control, disarming the citizen.

Today this control implies people want to have their firearm and AR 15 magazine quick loader. There is no problem with that, after all, the law is for everyone and if someone wants to have a firearm and comply with the requirements of the law, then their registration grant must be granted.

One of our jobs is to guide these people who, even so, they must practice the sport, first because it is mandatory in a period of 12 months, to attend at least 8 times, and second because the practice of the sport allows them to become more and more trained in the use of this weapon in their self-defense.

There is no use having a weapon and when it comes to defending yourself, becoming a victim of malpractice, recklessness or irresponsibility. So if you are going to have a weapon, be prepared and fulfill its obligations so that authorities have nothing to talk about.

Today there is a lot of people that only talks about rights and forgets its obligations. Like all sports, the shooting athletes must understand that.

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