From video to MP3 or from PDF to Doc: AnyConv converts almost everything

DOC to PDF, MOV to AVI, WAV to MP3 or BMP to JPG – for every format conversion you need plugins or software (which may be subject to a fee). If you often convert files, you probably have a real arsenal of freeware tools that specialize in one or the other. Pretty annoying. The web service AnyConv wants to clean up with this, since it supports around 350 formats. Sounds very practical. We tested it.

AnyConv can be operated completely via the web interface, which is fairly easy: Upload the file, select the target format, possibly make a few settings and press the “Start Conversion” button. Then the conversion begins and depending on the size and complexity, the finished product is ready for download within a few seconds or minutes.

AnyConv advertises to support 350 formats. The selection ranges from image and video to sound and archive to CAD formats. Conversions from MP3 to MP4, from BMP to JPG, PDF to RTF or ZIP to RAR – no problem. That’s pretty fast: converting an approximately 30 MB video (MOV) to an MPG took around 15 seconds in my test, and extracting the audio track as MP3 took less than 10 seconds. And AnyConv converted a 50 MB WMV file in high quality to an MP4 within 2 minutes.

AnyConv started in spring 2019 and is in beta. The online service is free.You can convert no more than 60 files per hour. File size is limited to 50 MB. But this is enough for most users.

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