Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Limits and Fees

The most popular and appreciated airline of the state of Hawaii the Hawaiian Airlines serves the customers with pride and serves flights to as many as 30 destinations all over the world making it one of the most preferred airlines to the passengers. It is well known for its excellent customer service and reliability, as a passenger this is what anyone expects to be provided with good service and allowances. This airline particularly proves beneficial for the plenty allowances for baggage. All over the world passengers travel with a lot of baggage which is also charged but many passengers are not aware of the allowances from the airlines for the baggage. Here’s a guide to Hawaiian airlines baggage fees, Hawaiian airlines baggage policy, Hawaiian airlines luggage for anyone who is planning to travel with them.


When you compare the prices with other airlines this airline offers the best prices and is very affordable. It has very simple policies related to the baggage which can be followed and understood. Due to the ease of understanding the flight becomes less stressful to the passengers. Normally the policies are very confusing making the passengers get surprise expenses at the gate, so it is better to get familiar with the policies of the airlines and avoid chaotic situations.

Hawaiian airlines checked and carry on allowances

Few basics must be known in terms of the Hawaiian Airlines checked and carry-on allowances. There are a couple of fares that have a free checked bag but not all of them have this benefit. Every passenger on board for example every ticketed passenger gets a free personal carry-on and a free standard-sized carry-on this is something that you won’t get on any other airline.

Checked Bag Allowances and Fees

It surely differs in every airline however your fares of the ticket and the destination effects the addition of the checked baggage in the ticket. Only while travelling to places like Australia, Korea, American Japan, Tahiti, or Samoa the main cabin fare has checked baggage in it otherwise sit is not included. However for the first class travellers the benefit is the first and second checked baggage is included for any destination.



Usually each bag which is not checked baggage the fares may include charges from $25 to $35 also, the checked baggage’s must comply with the required weight and measurement example they must not measure more than 62 linear inches or not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Carry-On Allowances and Fees

The personal carry-on items that the airlines allow are expected to be small in size like a purse or laptop bag that’s can be easily placed below the seat or in front of the passenger.

The standard carry-on item must not cross the measurement of 22″ x 14″ x 9″ and must not be heavier than 25 pounds. You will need to pay additional fees for anything that doesn’t comply with the standard measurement and weight. Checking the weight and the measurement of the baggage before the flight makes you avoid surprise costs.

About, Strollers, Baby Gear, and very importantly -the Baby?

Some generous policies of Hawaiian airlines are children below the age of two years can be seated in the passenger’s lap and also a lap seat can also be brought on the plane without any additional charges towards carry-on allowance.  Also if there are any extra seat passengers with babies are free to utilize the seat. In case the flight is full the baby’s car seat can be checked at no cost at the gate which will be returned after the flight. Strollers don’t cost checking and foldable strollers can be on boarded with the passenger without any cost.

Extra fee for additional baggage which is overweight or oversized.

Extra bags cost a fee based on the route and destination, for destinations that are nearby  $50 is charged for each additional bag, on North American flights $100 is charged for each bag, and for international flights apart from the initial allowance of two checked bags $150 is charged for each bag.

For the bags that are overweight within Hawaii and are less than 71 pounds additional charges of $35 must be paid, however, the same will be charged $50 for international flights and flights between North America and Hawaii.


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