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Home Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

For many homeowners, winter means an increase in electricity use. This is the time to be extra vigilant when it comes to electrical safety. In this article, we will outline some of the electrical tips to follow for winter.

  1. Install A Whole House Power Surge Protector

Power surges tend to be common during winter time due to heightened use of electricity and extreme weather conditions such as sweltering temperatures, high winds, thunderstorms, and snowstorms. Power surges can cause damage to your appliances and electronics and increase the risk of electrical fires. To be on the safe side, you should hire an electrician in Arlington  to install a whole-house power surge protector in your home. A power surge protector diverts excess voltage into the ground before it reaches your appliances and electronics.

  1. Get Your Wiring Checked

Faulty wiring is among the leading causes of electrical fires in the U.S. If you have faulty wiring in your home, then it could present serious safety hazards in the winter when you’re using more electricity. It’s recommended that you have an electrician in Oak Lawn check your wiring before winter sets in. You’ll know your electrical wiring is faulty if you notice flickering lights, frayed wiring, warm wall outlets, circuit breakers tripping frequently, or the smell of burning wires.

  1. Do Not Overload Circuits

With the heightened use of electricity in winter, many homeowners tend to overload their circuits. Overloaded circuits are a major cause of residential fires. To prevent electrical fires, only use the recommended wattage for your appliances. Have an experienced electrician in Arlington inspect all of your electrical outlets to ensure they are up to code and that there are enough of them for all your electrical needs. By installing surplus outlets, you minimize the need to overload a particular electrical outlet. Another safety measure you can take to keep your home safe is to have an electrician install GFCI outlets in moisture-prone areas. Again, avoid DIY electrical work but rather hire a reliable electrician in Oak Lawn to help you with your electrical projects.

  1. Be Wary of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets pose the same risks as other electric items in a home. In fact, they cause about 5, 000 fires in the U.S. every year. You should unplug electric blankets when they’re not being used.

Here are some electrical blanket safety tips:

  • Do not use an electric blanket with a heating pad
  • Do not overfold the blanket as it could damage the wires
  • Do not leave the blanket on for a prolonged period or overnight
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Dispose of electric blankets that have worn or damaged areas
  1. Keep Flammable Materials Away from Heat Sources

Flammable materials like cooking oils, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, nail polish, gasoline, plastic, and aerosols can easily catch fire if they are placed near heat sources for extended periods of time. Ensure you remove any flammable items from heat ources.

If you’re in need of reliable electrical service in your home or commercial property, reach out to Mr. Electric of Dallas.

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