How to Prepare for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

For many people, having a clean-shaven face is second nature. Others find they have to shave every single day to avoid unsightly hair. For those who would like to retain the ability to wear their facial hair but don’t want to deal with the daily maintenance of shaving, laser hair removal in Atlanta from the Harley Institute may be the answer. Here’s how to prepare for this commonly performed treatment.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is a procedure that uses a laser to eliminate unwanted body hair. The laser targets the pigment in the hair shaft, damaging it and causing the follicle to shrink and eventually stop producing hair. Most women have their underarms, legs, and bikini line treated.

How To Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that permanently reduces unwanted hair. The procedure involves using laser light to destroy the root of the hair follicle. While there are other forms of permanent hair removal, laser hair removal has proven effective and safe for most people.

Clean Your Skin Before Treatment

Shave or wax any area you want to treat at least one day before your appointment. Use mild soap and water to cleanse the area before shaving if you have sensitive skin. Avoid soaps or lotions containing exfoliants such as glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids because they may irritate your skin and cause redness or burning during treatment. Use warm (not hot) water for washing and pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing your skin when it’s wet to avoid removing natural oils from your skin.

Stop Waxing or Plucking

The best way to prepare for laser hair removal is by stopping waxing or plucking within two weeks of your appointment. If you must tweeze, be gentle and use minimal pressure. Also, avoid waxing the treatment area at least two weeks before your appointment.

Shave the Treatment Area

Shaving the area one day before your laser hair removal appointment is best. This will ensure that all your hairs are in the same growth phase, making them easier to target with laser energy. However, don’t shave if you have ingrown hair because it can become infected if shaven too close to the skin’s surface.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal treatments use light energy to target unwanted hair follicles, causing them to die off. This process can increase your risk of sunburn when you’re exposed to sunlight after treatment. If you have an upcoming laser hair removal appointment, avoid spending time in the sun and wear sunscreen while out in the sun.

Use Medications With Caution

Several medications may interfere with laser treatments, including blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, topical products with retinol, acne products, and hormone treatments. Discuss this with your doctor before starting your treatment plan if you’re taking any of these medications — or think they might interfere with your laser treatment.

Avoid Alchohol

Alcohol thins the blood, making it harder for the laser to penetrate the skin with enough energy to affect hair follicles. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and after treatment.

Avoid Coffee

Coffee has been shown to increase skin sensitivity and may cause burning during treatment. Avoid coffee for 24 hours before and after treatment.

Wait At Least Two Weeks After Dermal Fillers or Botox

Dermal fillers and Botox have increased skin sensitivity and may cause burning during treatment. Wait at least two weeks after receiving either of these treatments before having laser hair removal performed on your face or neck area.

Harley Institute for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Harley Institute is committed to offering only the highest level of treatment and service. Your needs will always be met with courteous and friendly professionals dedicated to your satisfaction. Whether it’s waxing, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal in Atlanta, or more, our experienced team at Harley Institute has been helping clients reach their optimal level of wellness.

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