How To Protect Your Rose Bushes in Cold Weather

Your rose bushes yield many beautiful blooms during the spring, summer and early fall. The plants go dormant during the winter months and easily survive through the cold weather when given a little extra care before the first frost appears. These additional steps will prevent the bush canes from dying in the cold temperatures, limiting you to the spindly new growth sprouts up from the roots in the spring.

Stop Cutting the Blooms

As the temperatures start to go down, resist the urge to cut the blooms and leave them on the stems instead. Cutting would naturally encourage the plant to produce new growth, which would, unfortunately, die in the first frost. In a few days, the rose will start to dry up, the petals will fall off and a seedpod will form in its place. This is a natural process the bush does in preparation for the winter.

Cover the Base

Covering the base of each rose bush protects the plant from the freezing and thawing cycles of the coldest weather. You will need enough fresh organic mulch to mound up a foot of coverage at the base of each bush. Make sure the bud union is sufficiently covered as well. Add an inch or two of the mulch in the area between your bushes to make sure the roots are sheltered too. To prevent yourself from hauling home large bags of mulch from a store, contact a tree service or nursery that offers mulch delivery Cincinnati to your home. This also ensures you receive the freshest local mulch available that will nourish your rose bushes while it protects them from the cold temperatures. In the springtime, you can relocate the extra mulch to other areas of your garden.

Protect From Frost and Snow

When the coldest part of the winter arrives, you need to give extra protection to the top of the plant. Cut the canes back until they are three to four feet high and tie them together with string. Wrap a thick layer of burlap or newspaper over the canes and secure everything together with a thick string that is knotted several times. For even more fortification from the elements, purchase large plastic cones made to fit over the insulated bush.

Completing these extra steps will shield your rose bushes from the effects of freezing temperatures, frost and snow. Your efforts will be rewarded in the springtime when your plants are full of beautiful blooms again.

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