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How Water Causes Damage

Water damage can occur in many ways. You may not even realize all the things that water can do in your home. Learning more about potential damage can enable you to take charge and prevent issues before they have a chance to occur.

Rotting Wood

According to Wikipedia, if you have excess water within your home, it can easily rot wood. The water gets into the wood, expands it, and makes it weak. It may end up breaking, which can harm the structural integrity of your home.


Water also can lead to rusting of anything that is metal. Of course, standing water or water running around pumps can eventually cause rust, but also, high humidity environments can leave a wet layer on pipes that can cause rust. Over time, the rust weakens the pipe, which will lead to breaks.


Another common issue with water is mold. Mold spores need water to grow and thrive. They cannot live in a dry environment. Mold is most common in places where there is a lot of moisture in the air. While many types of mold are irritating at worst, there are some mold types that can be incredibly harmful to your health. It is smart to clean up and prevent mold whenever possible.

Prevention and Solutions

It is best to prevent excess water and moisture issues. You should make sure your roof is in good shape, fix leaking pipes as soon as possible, ensure windows are tight, and do not leak and take other steps to prevent water from leaking into your home.

If you already have an issue, then you need to find and fix the source. You also may want to consider a dehumidifying service Mesa, AZ.  This would be a good solution if you have high humidity in your home and cannot seem to bring it down through other means.

Wrapping Up

Having excess water in your home, whether it is due to flooding, leaks, or high humidity issues, can lead to many problems. The best way to avoid trouble is to remove excess water as soon as possible.

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