Immigration Issues and Roles Played by Immigration Attorneys

Working with an immigration attorney in issues with immigration laws and procedures can save you much time and frustration in trying to sort out the different requirements. An immigration lawyer can help you analyze your rights, strategies, and possibilities. They guide you through every step of the complicated immigration process.

Many immigrants leave their homeland and travel abroad to other countries due to varying reasons such as hunger, fleeing war, famine, and persecution. Immigrants encounter barriers once they reach a foreign country. Some barriers include;

Language Barrier

This problem affects the ability to communicate with others. Failure to comprehend a foreign language may impact negatively the quality of care experience for immigrants. In some states, immigrants are denied standard health care just because they can’t speak the native language.


Though a substantial number of immigrants travel in search of job opportunities, there are higher chances of discrimination on the job. Immigrants are usually disenfranchised in terms of their knowledge. Most immigrant professionals face difficulties in gaining recognition for foreign academic credentials. Immigrant workers are sometimes excluded from safety protections that are enjoyed by native workmates.

Affordable Housing

Access to a decent, safe, and affordable house is a hustle on its own. Immigrants face the burden of higher housing costs. One of the reasons many immigrants lack proper housing is joblessness.

Transport Problems

Most immigrants can’t obtain a driver’s license. Limited options for reliable transport are available. Age-related unreliability of private vehicles hinders the ability to drive a car.

Cultural differences

False ideas, misunderstandings, myths, and misconceptions about immigrants largely bring about unfair disparities. Fear, perceptions, and distrust fuel cultural myths in many countries. This leads to immigrants trying to imitate foreign life to fit.

Access to medical services

Access to health care is a right regardless of their nationality. Immigrants have low-rate medical insurance coverage and poor access to health services. Limitations and discrimination lead to the inability to participate in care programs.


Discrimination is portrayed as a day-to-day encounter of an immigrant. Prejudices in most scenarios tend to either be against the minority groups. Anti-immigrant attitudes sustain restrictive policies.

Role of Immigration lawyers

  • They act as advisors or counselors to foreign citizens and immigrants. They provide advice and guidance for matters such as employment for non-citizens, deportation issues, visa applications, citizenship, naturalization, and green card processing.
  • They act as mediators between immigration authorities and clients. If a client is facing an immigration hearing, an immigration attorney makes appearances before the immigration judge.
  • They ensure the information presented when filling forms, preparing statements, collecting documents and testimonies is clear, consistent, and correct.
  • They organize and prepare paperwork on your behalf. Experienced attorneys know how to avoid or minimize delays when making simple applications.
  • Immigration lawyers handle matters involving interaction between criminal laws and immigration.

Choosing the right immigration attorney

Ensure you find an excellent but truly lawyer. Do not land for a consultant. Excellent immigration lawyers are well versed with practices of family law, tax law, business law, and criminal laws.

Consider an accomplished immigration attorney who is in Immigration Lawyers’ Association and is well-versed with the ever-changing laws and policies to deal with challenging situations. Vet several by talking to some attorneys before committing to one. Chose the one you feel fully comfortable around. Consider the one who got experience in handling a similar situation to yours.


Immigration attorneys help businesses, families, and individuals navigate through complex immigration situations and pathways. Immigration lawyers help citizens of other countries through the process of gaining status to work in a foreign country like the United States with the H-1B visa program. They are administrative counsels to clients about their obligations related to immigration.

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