Is it possible to study in USA after Class 12th?


International students are looking for admission to US colleges and Universities more than before now. Over 40% of the international students studying in the US have undertaken an undergraduate degree in US colleges. Presence of world-renowned Universities, high caliber education systems, extensive research and education facilities, and lucrative job opportunities make the US a popular hub for international students. 

This means that thousands of international students are studying in Associates programs and Bachelor’s degree programs in the US in varying fields of study. The minimum eligibility for all these programs in the Universities in USA is Intermediate or successful completion of 12th grade in their home country.  

Students can apply for admission to universities in USA after completing their Grade 12 or Intermediate Certification exam.

Students can choose from a wide variety of courses to study abroad as per their marks, interest, and feasibility of budget and admissions.

Top Courses to Study in USA After Class 12th

  1. Engineering Courses

B.Eng. programs are popular among students abroad because of their cutting-edge education and training. If you are keen on choosing Engineering as a profession, you may go for B.Eng. programs abroad. They can be taken up in various streams like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, IT Engineering, Energy Management, etc.

  1. Computer Science Courses

If you have a marked interest in Computer Science, you may opt for courses such as, – B.S. in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, etc. 

  1. Engineering Management Courses

Engineering management is a relatively new field but is fast becoming popular. If you are willing to study in this stream, you may go for courses such as – Bachelor of Engineering Management, B.S. in Engineering Management, and so on.

  1. Design Courses

Students interested in Creative Arts and Designing may opt for Designing courses like BA in Interior Design, B.S. in Product Design, B.S. in Interior Design, Bachelor of Interior Design, etc.

  1. Business Administration Courses

Management education in finance and business administration is also a good option for study in the Universities of USA. You may take up courses like Diploma in Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, BA in Management Science, B.S. in Management Science, etc.

  1. Finance and Accounting Courses

Students can also choose BA in Accounting Management, B.Com. (Finance and Accounting), BA in Finance Management, etc. as per their choice.

Requirements for Studying in Universities of USA after Class 12th

  • Successful completion of Intermediate education or CLASS 12TH from a recognized and accredited board of education like CBSE, CISCE and/or State Boards of Higher Secondary Education.
  • Your minimum percentage of marks should be at least 65-70% in your Intermediate exams.
  • You also need to have strong English writing and speaking skills. For that, you need to have qualified the English language eligibility tests like the IELTS or the TOEFL with a score of 7 and above.
  • Some Universities in the USA ask for Standardized tests as academic criteria laid down by each university there. These tests vary depending on the course that you want to select for your studies. These tests are as follows:
    • GMAT
    • GRE
    • SAT
    • ACT
  • Not every university or college in the USA will ask you for consistent test scores. Certain universities might even exempt these test scores. They may only require the test scores in English language from students.

Thus, an international student has a wide variety of study options in the universities of USA. The students have to make sure that they have all the scores ready from the standardized as well as language tests before applying for admission to US colleges. Once they can meet the eligibility requirements for seeking admission to the universities in the USA, they can easily go ahead and apply for a US Student visa

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