Know Some Interesting Facts About Liebert Psaiton Series

The current era is the Digital world, and everything depends on PC, Mobile, and other electronic gadgets. But continuous power shedding can interrupt the day-to-day flow in this digital world. If someone is working on important work, a sudden Power interruption can ruin everything. A good quality Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS can be the best choice to overcome such uncertainty.

The Liebert PSAiton Series has the Line interactive technology, which can provide high efficiency, automatic voltage regulation features, and a greater backup quality. It also provides major features such as Surge protection, Minimising the Risk of Components damage, and Prevents Data corruption and loss due to short Power supply.

Technical Aspects

  • It is equipped with Line Interactive Technology.
  • It is also coupled with Automatic Voltage regulation which maintains the incoming voltage.
  • The surge protection factor is an add-on property that protects sensitive output devices from high voltages.
  • Many peripheral devices, such as Monitors, PC, Scanners, printers, and speakers, can be connected.
  • It is simple to handle and easy to install.   It aims to provide greater capacity.


  • During important online meetings, examinations, tests, assessments, or any online work, it adds a trustworthy feature of providing a good backup system.
  • It prevents Data loss and also provides a Constant and uninterrupted power supply.
  • It prevents the excess voltages driven by lightning strikes or voltage spikes. Installing the UPS can increase the shell life of the peripheral devices and reduce the risk of damage.


  • It is useful for Personal use, Small startup businesses, Home entertainment, small firms, shops, cybercafés and much more.
  • It can be used in Security systems such as Surveillance cameras, Keypad readers, Home Locking systems, Door Biometric systems, and RFID security systems which require an uninterrupted power supply.


The primary function is to prevent devices during a sudden power cut and unfavourable climatic conditions such as lighting strikes which can drive excess voltage leading to heavy damage. It has several useful technical properties to enhance the productivity of the customer. It has a wide range of applications dealing with personal use to professional applications. It aims to provide stable functionality, prevent damage to sensitive electronic components, prevent data loss, and provide a reliable experience. Moreover, it is the modern solution for power shedding and other power disturbances. Overall it provides long-term durability, easy handling and a greater performance rate.

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