Luke’s Lightsaber

Lightsaber dueling is an official sport in France, which is a great reminder of what Luke’s lightsaber is really all about. The lightsaber is designed to be a weapon, one of the most epic lighted swords ever envisioned in science fiction history.

Luke’s lightsaber is a central symbol in the Star Wars universe. His blue lightsaber was built by Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father, but his green lightsaber was crafted by Luke in Obi-Wan’s Tatooine hut, based on schematics left by Obi-Wan (Old Ben). As part of the legend, the hilt design, is designed to look like a simplified version of the one crafted by Obi-Wan.

Since the blue lightsaber was used by Anakin as he was falling to the dark side, and ultimately becoming Darth Vader, it is responsible for countless on-screen lightsaber deaths. The terrors that Anakin left in his wake are juxtaposed with the very different path that Luke takes. He never took a life when he was wielding the blue lightsaber. It’s true that Luke is just coming into his own as a Jedi Knight, removed as he was from the action by the way he was raised. His fighting style is also different from what Anakin or Darth Vader used. His fighting style is much more on the defensive, although he does become more aggressive when he is battling his father.

A Trip Back Through Star Wars Legend

Both of Luke’s lightsabers were used by multiple characters in the Star Wars universe. Anakin, Luke and Rey all used the Skywalker saber for battle. The lightsaber is also in the possession of Obi-Wan, who kept it safe and gave it to Luke when the time was right. It was also used by Hans Solo to save Luke’s life when they are stranded on the surface of Hoth during an icy storm. With all the intricacies of the Star Wars mythologies and plot lines, this lightsaber is so much more than just an object, a gift, or a piece of memorabilia. It draws us all into the storyline and helps us to remember and realize the depth and complexity of the Skywalker legend and legacies.

Luke’s lightsaber is one of those epic pieces of memorabilia, which is tied to film history as well as a whole backstory and exploration of science fiction universes. With T6 all-aircraft aluminum construction and a removable pommel (MHS compatible), this lightsaber is rugged enough for use. This lightsaber also includes a Polycarbonate UltraBlade, which makes it a must-have for every fan of science fiction, but of Star Wars in particular.

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