Marketing Tips During The Coronavirus Crisis

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What the world is going through at the moment is unprecedented. People may think that marketing is not needed when all eyes are on the economy and how towns and cities are going to make it through this time. But, contrary to popular belief, marketing is needed now more than ever. Read on for some reasons why marketing during coronavirus is important.

Be Prepared for an Ever-Changing Landscape

One day, the advice is to only travel nearby but to go about things as usual. The next, people are called to shelter in place. Much like the health guidelines, the business world in the midst of coronavirus is ever-evolving. Some businesses have been forced to put product launches, campaigns, trips and day-to-day operations on hold, while others are turning to curbside delivery, online classes and gift cards to sustain their operations. Be prepared to change how the business is run and marketed on an almost constant basis. See what competitors and those in the local market are doing, and adjust accordingly. Be prepared for any news and updates that may relate to the business as well.

Do Not Sleep on Content Marketing

Since many are trying to save a bit right now, it is not the best idea to make posts sound overly promotional. That is where content marketing comes in. Customers will think of the brand and stay involved with whatever story the company wants to tell. This can be done through SEO, social media, paid campaigns, emails, blogs or clever postcards, whatever companies can dream up. Those that tell a compelling story will be at the top of consumer’s minds even when this crisis ends.

Be Positive and Mindful

It is important to be positive and mindful about what is posted at any time, but especially when marketing during coronavirus. Stay upbeat, remind people that this will not last forever and be sensitive of the current situation and the target audience. This is not the time to push expensive items or show how out of touch a company is. People will positively remember the businesses that acted well and acknowledged what was going on in a tactful way, while those that were tone deaf may not be in it for the long haul.

Keep in Touch

With people turning to the internet to communicate, do not lose touch with existing and potential customers. Be available to answer questions via social media and post regular updates. Schedule a weekly newsletter to go out if that is popular with the target demographic. Those with websites can publish a banner or webpage that outlines what is being done and affected due to current events. The point is, make sure to keep in touch with leads and hold onto them through this.

Have an Action Plan

Thinking and getting ahead is of the utmost importance right now. Have an action plan. What messaging will go out? What are the top priorities? What safety measures need to go into place in order for the company to still run? How will this be handled in interactions with customers? Map out daily and weekly goals. Plan in advance, and discuss it with the team. Then, put them into action. If something changes, do not be afraid to pivot and focus on whatever is important on a given day. Remember to keep messaging consistent and clear, no matter what happens.

Keep these tips in mind when making decisions about marketing during coronavirus. Good luck! Be well and stay safe.


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