Myths About Bail Bonds

If you have a loved one in jail, he or she may be released upon the payment of bail. Unfortunately, most people do not have bail money lying around. This is where a bail bondsman comes in. Before you believe the misconceptions, here are the most common myths about bondsmen.

Bondsmen Are Cash Only

Some people don’t think that they can afford bail bonds West Chester PA residents utilize because they don’t carry enough cash on them. There is a myth that in order to go to a bondsman, you have to have cash to pay for bail. This isn’t the case. You can pay with debit or credit, just as you would in any business.

Bondsmen Refund Fees

There is a common misbelief that if you pay a bondsman, that he or she will pay you back the fee. Often, people confuse this with paying bail itself. If you were to pay the full price of bail, then you would have the whole price returned to you when your loved one shows up at court. When you pay a bondsman, however, he or she does not have to return those fees to you.

Bondsman Can Adjust Bail

The bail hearing is where the defendant’s bail is set. A judge can determine bail based on the circumstances of the case and the laws. It is not up to the bail bondsmen to set the price of bail. The bondsmen is there to help you pay the bail amount so that your loved one can get out of jail until trial. He or she has nothing to do with the price of bail set.

If you have never dealt with a bail bondsman before, it makes sense that you may have several misconceptions. Never let your misconceptions dictate whether you seek out a bail bondsman.

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