Our Story-Behind the scenes

Tobacco is one of the widely used and a highly addictive substance, tobacco addiction is harder to leave behind because it’s legal and could be easily obtained anywhere with no restrictions on it being consumed in the public which leads to individuals being severely addicted to The Black Buffalo started working on finding a suitable alternative for the tobacco addiction for the people who cannot stop dipping no matter how much they try and look for healthy options that work for their addiction and not harm their health at the same time, they started the search for smokeless tobacco from the Midwest. They looked high and low, giving an accurate shot to products from across the U.S. and even a few from overseas. You name it, they tried it, from coffee grounds to tea leaves to alfalfa to sea sponge. Nothing delivered the same satisfaction or high quality they were looking for. Probably because not one of the companies making these products cared about respecting the time and tradition that goes into a tin of smokeless tobacco. If you’re like us, you don’t necessarily love everything about smokeless tobacco. But it sure as hell is an enjoyable ritual. 

After years of dipping, they started looking for a tobacco alternative that was just as good as the real nicotine. Something that cut out the actual tobacco but still offered the same satisfaction, including the nicotine. For that purpose they went from North Carolina’s hot sun to Tennessee, landing ourselves in the backyard of Smokeless Tobacco but Smokeless Tobacco was not going to help us out and tell us their sacred recipe, but with our zeal and resilience they kept on working towards finding a solution for an addiction that could not be ignored, they went door to door and proved to the people who said that it was an impossible task by getting together a capable team that puts our leaves through the same production process Smokeless Tobacco uses. That process doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months to create each tin of The result is a product that satisfies, just like that Smokeless Tobacco makes. To be sure our tobacco alternative long cut and pouches deliver the same great taste, they spent months working with a leading flavor house that specializes in smokeless tobacco to perfect our recipes. It’s not cheap, but every puff of the Black buffalo product is worth it.

Many tobacco brands are offering a variety of products in the form of snuff or chewing tobacco. Popular brands such as Copenhagen, Grizzly and Black Buffalo with their tobacco alternatives have been leading the way for quite some time.

BlackBuffalo is a substitute, for traditional dips. The flavor of this tobacco dipping brand includes mint, natural, wintergreen, blood orange, peach, and straight. It can be called as the king of all dips. It is well known for its high quality, great feeling, pure taste, and just the right amount of nicotine. The packaging makes it very attractive, and the texture is fantastic. It seems like these guys are in the town for some serious business.


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