Roulette Myths Debunked 

Roulette is a world famous casino game. Having been in countless Hollywood movies, it’s become without a doubt, one of the most iconic and recognisable of the lot. Even those who aren’t fans of casinos, let alone any form of gambling, will most likely be familiar with the famous roulette table and spinning wheel. Over the last 300 years it has steadily gained popularity and is now one of the most played casino games of all time. Despite how well loved Roulette is, there are too many myths and rumours that surround it. Sadly this can put newbies off and some beginners can be hesitant to play at So let us be the one to debunk the Roulette myths and set the record straight once and for all.

Myth number one: Roulette is only for the high rollers

Roulette is a firm favourite for the big spenders of the casino world. The high stakes of betting on inside numbers (that’s just on a single number for the novices out there) prove to big payouts when won. Not just a little bit big, but potentially jackpot sums. What few people seem to know is that roulette is just as playable for the low spenders too. There are ways of playing that ensure low variance and more frequent smaller wins. So bet on the outside numbers in the grid. That means betting on groups rather than specifics. Whether it be red or black; high or low; even or odd, your odds will massively improve and the likelihood of you winning increase greatly. These smaller bets with more generous chances open up the roulette game to a much wider demographic of players. 

Myth number two: It’s difficult to play

The second myth that is absolutely not true is the idea that Roulette is too difficult to play. Admittedly at first glance, the game can seem a little daunting. There’s a table with a strange looking grid printed on, as well as an odd looking spinning reel. The mass of people that huddle and surround the table whilst shouting can also make it a bit scary to approach, especially if you’re not entirely sure on what you’re doing. However, the fact of the matter is that Roulette is one of the easiest games out there. It’s much easier than every traditional card game, especially poker. In fact it’s even easier than the straightforward game of blackjack. All players have to do is pick either a single number or a group and just hope that lady luck is on their side. Sure there are different styles and tactics, but the bottom line is that Roulette can be instantly picked up by absolutely anyone. 

Roulette is like all casino games, potentially incredibly addictive The rush of winning is like no other and the thrill of watching that tiny ball, slowly come to a stop on a winning number gives the ultimate excitement. So it’s important to always bet sensibly. Setting a limit and sticking to it is one of the easiest ways a player can bet responsibly. So what are you waiting for? Get spinning!


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