Steps in Filing an Accident Claim After Being Hit by a Car

Cars can be very dangerous when they hit pedestrians due to their weight, speed, and inability to stop quickly. When this type of accident occurs, both the pedestrian and the driver could be injured or killed. This is because of the force in which the car hits the person. When one person is responsible for hitting another with their vehicle, several steps must be taken when filing a claim.

The following are important steps involved in filing a claim after a pedestrian has been hit by a car.

Seek Medical Attention

The first step in filing an injury claim against another driver when a pedestrian hit by a car or truck is immediately seeking medical attention. Doing so will help establish evidence if your injury worsens later on. It shows how soon after the accident, you received treatment. If your injuries worsen, it can be important because it may indicate that your original injuries were not as bad as originally suspected, and the worsening may be due to a previously undiscovered but now apparent injury. It is important that you seek medical attention immediately after the car accident and not wait for your injuries to worsen before doing so.

Take Photographs

The next step in filing an injury claim against another driver for hitting you with their car or truck is to take photographs of the accident scene and any damage done by the vehicle. These pictures should include as much as possible such as broken street signs or stoplights that were hit by either you or the other driver’s vehicles. They may also include the skid marks made by either drivers’ vehicle during braking, broken glass from windows shattered when the two cars collided, etc.

Write Down What Happened

The third step in filing an injury claim against another driver for hitting you with their car or truck is to write down exactly what happened. Write down the time, date, place, and exact details about how the accident occurred. Also, take note of anything that was said by either you or the other driver during the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

The fourth step in filing an injury claim against another driver for hitting you with their car or truck is to contact your insurance company immediately after being released from the hospital if any physical injuries are caused by the car accident. Your insurance company will have an adjuster send someone to assess your vehicle damage or personal injuries. They will help determine whether it would be worth hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the person who hit you.

Seek Legal Help

When a car hits a pedestrian, the motorist is typically found negligent. However, this does not mean that the driver must automatically pay for all expenses incurred by another party. The injured person will still have to file claims. The fifth step in filing an injury claim against another driver for hitting you with their car or truck is to speak to a lawyer about filing a lawsuit if your injuries are severe enough. Your injury attorney will be able to discuss the merits of your case, what evidence there is to support it and how much you can expect to win if the case goes forward to trial.

When a car accident injures a pedestrian, and the injured party cannot file a claim against the negligent party, an attorney can file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party. The attorney will take action before the statute of limitation expires, which is three years for personal injury cases. Lawyers can determine if there was any wrongdoing by police who responded to the accident scene. If negligence was not identified during police investigation, they might hire investigators to probe into all aspects of the incident that led up to the accident.

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