Steps in the Foreclosure Process

A foreclosure is a legal process where your lender seeks to take possession of your home due to non-payment of your mortgage. Your lender has the right to begin the process as soon as you fail to make a payment on time.

However, it is a lengthy process that allows you plenty of opportunities to correct the situation. Understanding how it works can enable you to take control of things and save your home.

Maryland’s Foreclosure Process

The Maryland Department of Labor explains before your lender may start proceedings against you in court, it must send you’re a Notice of Intent to Foreclose. This notice must come at least 45 days before your lender files its case. If you receive this notice, you may want to seek legal help with foreclosures Hyattsville.

The next paperwork you may receive is the Order to Docket, which is your notice that the lender filed a case with the court. You may get this as soon as 90 after you miss your first payment.

You will have a chance for mediation if you want to try to settle the situation. If mediation fails, then the case moves forward. The next step is the sale of your home at an auction and eviction from your property.


After the court case, things can move quickly. You may only have 30 days after the court ruling or 15 days after your mediation fails until the auction. Once your home sells, you may only have 15 days to move out.

Take Control

If you want to save your home or avoid a horrible eviction, your best option is to try to work to remedy the situation. In addition, having a foreclosure on your credit record could make it difficult to find housing in the future, so avoiding it is incredibly beneficial.

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