The Right Options for the Right Bagpipe

Guitars, violins, pianos, what if someone wants to play the bagpipe?Now I’ll tell you what it’s worth starting with in order not to rake up a bunch of problems later. The 4 most popular bagpipes in my opinion will be considered, it is clear that there are much more of them, it is impossible to cover everything in one post.

So, you suddenly (or not) decided that you want to play the bagpipe. Before you run to look for the instrument, notes, teacher and everything else – you need to decide what kind of music you will play. The instrument will depend on the choice of your preferred music, since playing medieval music is hard on a Scottish bagpipe, and playing a Scottish music on a gait is generally impossible. You can go for the best affordable bagpipes for sale now.

  1. Gaita (GaitaGallega)

Gallic bagpipe. One of the easiest tools among bagpipes,you can play for hours and not get tired, it is suitable for playing medieval music, as well as for folk music of Galissia, Ireland, Brittany and the rest of the “Celtic” (except for Scottish music, about it below). Gait is also used in punk rock.

About the price – 500-700 euros for a good instrument on which you can play and speak will not be ashamed.

  1. Dudelzak or MittelalterlicheSackpfeife

German-speaking friends suggest that the compound name has something abusive about eggs, so it will call this bagpipe a dudelzak.

100% remake made in the 80-90s of the 20th century according to medieval drawings. They play all the medieval music and around. It’s a little harder to play than on a guy due to the higher air consumption, but you will still be alive after an hour or two of play.

Now let’s move on to more harodcore options and start with one of the most expensive the Uilleann pipe, the Irish elbow bagpipe.

Hardcore on hardcore drives hardcore

There is a joke about illean pipe (it reads this way) that you need 21 years to play it well – 7 years to study, 7 years to practice and 7 years to perform.

What is the difficulty:

The air in the bag is inflated with the elbow, and not through the mouth. That is, we have different hand movements, and not synchronized with each other.

  • For part of the notes we rest the chanter (“flute” on which the melody is played) in the foot, for the part we need to raise
  • Yes, we have bourdons that always play the same note, but on the Uilleann pipe you can still play chords with your wrist in the bagpipe. No more bagpipes can do this.
  • You can play Irish music on it, but then it depends on the skill.

What to listen to:

Before talking about the price for illeanne pipe, it is worth saying that this is a very complex tool and we highly recommend not choosing it as the first bagpipe it is very expensive and very difficult. But our business is to warn. In here, only 15 people play such a bagpipe, but in other parts you can find teachers just for her. Along with the 8 Ukulele Sizes you can pick while you choose and play these bagpipes.

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