The rise of the Megaways casino slots

In this article, we are going to discuss how the mega ways casino slots rose in the market. Also, we will discuss its evolution, and also it’s the mechanic which it uses for its games.

What are mega-way slots?

This is a slot online game that has been made and published by the mega way and blueprint company. The big-time company was the one that permitted these two to make and launch it. There is an option of either 3 or 5 reels which you want to play according to you.

There are more than five reels slots in the market buy these are the only ones available here. These slots give you a high amount of returns and also give you bonus multipliers for free. There are like 1 – 40 pay lines which are made in the new games, which give 1024 chances for winning.

They took a big step and added more chances of winning in these games to 117.946 winning possibilities. Unlike many games, the pay lines are selected randomly before each spin by the player. You will never know when you activate the winning chance, so this makes the game more volatile and fun.

What is the evolution of Megaways slots?

Microgaming was the first one to offer a slot game where the pay line would be a matching symbol from left to right. In the new game, you did not have to worry about the lineup as you can win anyway. They introduced a different way of designing these slots, and so did the Microgaming industry.

They made a 243 pay lines slot game for everyone to come, play and try to win. After this, the player changed their focus from traditional to new-made slot games. If you manage to get two symbols on the same reel, then you will activate the winning chances. Also, this will immediately trigger the score multiplier and other secret functions.

When it is triggered, and you get 1 or 2 symbols lined up, you will win some score from the game. Then there were more changes, and there came the 720 ways of winning by IGT Company. The games studios realized that by adding more ways to win, people are attracted towards them.

Then there was the innovation of the 1024 ways and the 4096 ways to win by many companies. Finally, Megaways decided and made the first-ever 117,649 chances of winning slots.

What are the mechanics used by Megaways?

The Megaways has a system that can change the symbol and also the shape of the reel. If you get a combination of numbers in a reel, then there are different ways of winning in these. There is a total of 6 rows and six reels in a slot machine which has six reels. If you get a proper lining of these reels, then you could activate the 34,300 ways of winning. Then if you activate any other kind of secret feature, you might win the mega award that is 117,649.

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