These 9 Gifts Are Perfect For Your Health Junkie Friend

Gifting is usually about pampering and spoiling your dear ones with things they adore, whether it’s a good or an experience. More often than not, finding the right gift is a hard nut to crack as it stands exclusive to every individual. And that is when your role comes into play. 

Considering the gifts are based on the recipient’s needs and liking, it’s the first task to decode the personality to make the right choice. Whether your friend is a music lover or an explorer, the right gift entails the same. Likewise, if your dear one is a health fanatic, you have interesting options to choose from. Here are 9 stunning gifts for a health junkie in your life. Take the guide:

  • Fitness Band

Fitness band is one of the essential utilities because of the hectic routine we have and unhealthy food that secures an inevitable place in our lives. A fitness band is a perfect gift to get started and will help monitor the overall daily functioning like steps, calories, sleep pattern.

  • Insulated Food Bag

Insulated food boxes are an amazing gift for your dear ones who follow a diet and need regular replenishments. Whether they are travelling or at a desk job, the insulated food box will ease their daily hassle.

  • Wireless Earphones/ Headphones

Gift a wireless earphone or headphone to your fitness junkie and audio lover friend. A smart and sleek design with an advantage of being sweat proof will be a perfect companion of the fitness journey.

  • Yoga/ Gym Subscription

To the one who makes resolutions but hardly gets time to follow, a subscription is a great start to their healthy life. Give them a gift of health by surprising them with a subscription of gym or yoga classes. Even if they are at the other end of the city, you can find the one that is near to their location online and purchase a subscription. 

  • Indoor Plants

It all starts with the home. Help them reduce their stress levels and enhance their life with a gift of indoor plants. Choose an air purifying plant for a surprise online gift delivery in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad or anywhere your dear ones reside. You can opt for plants like  orchids, succulents, snake plants that are perfect bedroom plants and help in better sleep. 

  • Fitness Themed Mug

How about inspiring them to work harder towards their fitness with the first sip of coffee of the day? Gift them a customised fitness themed mug with a nice quote. Something like ‘Lifting Legend’, ‘Today Is A Leg Day’ are some of the inspirational quotes to go for.If you are thinking of a coffee mug, you might also consider a nice coffee maker. A quality cup of coffee in the morning might be the best thing that happens to your friend. You can simply log on to and get a good coffee machine delivered in Sri Lanka in just a day or two.

  • Dumbbell Shaped Beer Glass

If your dear friend hits the gym often and the bar more often, a dumbbell shaped beer glass works best to describe his fun life. Help him enjoy and attain the balance with this special glass that will forever remain a cherishable gift.

  • A Fitness Kit

A complete set of all the essentials they’ll ever need. Customise a fitness kit containing hand towels, wrist bands, nutrition bars etc. Create a treasure box or a pouch with a bow to complete your thoughtful gift.

  • Sleep Mask

If your dear one is a fitness enthusiast, sleep masks will help add a period of relaxation to their active routine. While a good diet, gym and active work life gives a reward of health, sleep is equally essential to help the body conserve energy, build muscles and repair. So, give the gift of sleep with a nice and quirky sleep mask.

So, reward your health junkie friend with these cool gift ideas and your gift is sure to be cherished.


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