Things You Need to Know Before Start of Any Playing Card Game

India is a land where people love playing cards. That is why there are so many card games popular in India. People pass time playing card games with friends. People play rummy online while travelling homewards on train every office day. It is clear that playing cards form a major form of stress release and entertainment in India. If you are new to playing cards, there are some simple things you need to know about the card games before starting to play.

Here we explain things you need to know before start of any playing card game using the example of rummy. Read along to know:

Terms Used in the Game

Every playing card game has specific terms used for understanding the game. It is important to know all these terms clearly to be able to play the game. For example, in rummy the following terms are frequently used. We have listed these terms along with their meanings so that readers understand clearly:


In the game of rummy, the player who distributes the cards to the players is referred to as the dealer. The player sitting before the dealer has the responsibility to pick the pulled-out joker. The player next to the dealer starts the game.


Cards of the same sign can be arranged in ascending or descending order of their values to form sequences. These sequences can be made using number cards, picture cards or a combination of the two.


Set is an arrangement of cards of the same value but of different signs. All the cards in a set should be of different signs. Jokers maybe used to complete the sets.

Pure Sequence

A sequence that is made without the use of jokers is referred to as a pure sequence in rummy.

Real Sequence

A sequence that is made by the use of jokers to complete it is referred to as the real sequence.

First Drop

If you observe that your hand is weak and drop it even before the first chance is played, it is termed as first drop. The number of points charged for first drop is nominal and could be 20 or 25 points based on the variation of rummy game being played.

Second Drop

Once you start playing rummy, you may realise that your chances of winning the game are few. In such cases, you still have the chance to call it quits through second drop. The points charged for second drop is double the points charged for first drop.


Till the life is formed in Indian Rummy, the points in your hand are counted as full hand. Life can be different for different variations of rummy games. For a standard 13 card rummy game, one pure sequence and one real sequence are together termed as life.

Full Hand

When one player calls it rummy while the other player has not completed his life, it is termed as a full hand. The number of points charged for a full hand vary with the variation of rummy being played.


A joker card is like a bonus point in rummy games. These cards can be used in place of any card in sequences and sets apart from the pure sequence. Joker cards are present in each deck. Apart from these, some players also regard blank cards as jokers.

Pulled Out Joker

A joker is randomly pulled out from the deck of cards to play the role of a joker apart from the existing jokers in the deck. These are termed as pulled out jokers.

How Victory and Defeat are Decided in the Game?

Once you understand the different terms used in the game, you can go ahead and understand the rules governing the game and how victory and defeat is decided in the game. Here we have explained how this happens in Indian Rummy:

  • In points rummy, winner is the player who have completed all the sequences and sets first.
  • In deals rummy, winner is the person with the least points at the end of the decided number of deals.
  • In pool rummy, winner is the player who crosses the cut off points last.

Every playing card game has a different set of terms and rules that you need to understand before starting to play the game.

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