Tips for Keeping Your Autobody Shop Clean

There’s no getting around it. Working on cars is dirty work. That doesn’t mean that your shop needs to be that way too. A clean garage isn’t just for the customers, though. Sure, it makes a great impression on them if you keep the area looking its best. It’s also crucial for the health and safety of everyone working there. Here are a few tips to help you keep your autobody shop clean.

Schedule Tasks

If you don’t schedule cleaning tasks, they’ll likely never get done. Create a list of things to do daily, weekly, and monthly. Include items such as sweeping, mopping, deeper cleanings, and changing your industrial air filters Richmond VA.

Consider a Cleaning Service

You already have a lot on your plate. While you and your employees can manage some cleaning tasks, you may also want to consider bringing in a professional cleaning service.

Provide a Safe Parts Washer

Avoid solvent-based parts cleaners. If you breathe them in, they can cause lung irritation or damage to the central nervous system. Instead, use bio-based and neutral pH solutions. These cleaning supplies can help to reduce potential health-related hazards.

Keep Clean Towels on Hand

Working on cars is a dirty job. Mechanics are very likely to get grease on their hands and arms, which they can then get everywhere else. Ensure that there are plenty of clean towels on hand. You may also consider partnering with a towel laundering service.

Ensure Clean Customer Areas

When your customers come in, you want them to be greeted by a clean waiting area. You’ll also want to ensure that any areas they might use, including the restrooms, look spotless.

A clean shop doesn’t just look good. It’s also essential for the safety of everyone who steps foot into your shop. While it might feel like a chore, be sure to implement regular cleaning schedules to maintain a clean garage.

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