Oleg and Elena Likhach – the husband and wife of travelers claim that China is a country for making money

Many people go to China just for the money. Almost 95% of the foreigners who came are hunting for big capital, profitable investments and decent dividends. The state is highly developed. The country provides great opportunities to earn money in various fields, hiring qualified specialists and people without experience. Among the most popular professions in the country for foreigners are modeling and working as an English teacher. In the first area, girls and boys work, who are successfully arranged after China in their homeland. In the second, teachers who teach English to children are valued.

Chinese employers are not waiting for special, specific talents or super diplomas, certificates confirmation. Managers do not look at papers, focusing on the quality of a person’s work. At interviews, they often look at the face, using physiognomic methods of character recognition, the inner potential of the future employee. It is enough to have a little experience for high earnings in professions. One of our acquaintances moved to China, working as a go-go dancer. But after a few months she was offered to work as an English teacher, she agreed. She did not regret working with children, earning decent money. There are many such examples in China.

These are the most common professions that do not require a high level of qualification, gigantic experience behind them and letters of recommendation from previous employers. Analysts from the world of work and employment predict high demand for these professions for years to come. In large cities, working as an English teacher can bring up to 120,000 rubles. per month at the current exchange rate. That’s the approximate guideline. Creative professions are not the ultimate dream.

Many get a harder physical job and also make good money. China manages to maintain the status of a highly developed state in which you can earn a living. The country gives an incredible feeling of having money in every pocket. The feeling develops when observing people, their appearance, at the sight of electric cars. The Chinese buy rather expensive products, monitor the condition of streets, parks and houses. Foreigners immediately stand out in society and feel happy. Some people come to China to establish business connections, open an entrepreneurial business, and earn money. The Chinese labor market attracts businessmen who open factories and workshops for the production of goods.

China gives a huge number of chances to get a good job by finding your place in the sun. It is strange to hear China referred to as a third world country without taking into account the huge incomes of millions of people. In the old days, acquaintances often spoke of Germany as a country for good earnings. Now the situation has changed. People appreciated the Celestial Empire, considering it a worthy place for making capital.

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