Understanding the Importance of Expert Witnesses in Your Personal Injury Case

In personal injury lawsuits, expert witnesses may play an important role in making a successful claim. These witnesses can offer support for your case, prove the true value of your case, and reject claims the other party may make. Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys will consider witness statements when looking at liability. 

Why Expert Witnesses are Important in Personal Injury Cases

Expert witnesses play a different role in personal injury cases than regular witnesses. A regular witness is an individual who was present at the time of the accident and can testify about what they saw or heard. Meanwhile, an expert witness was not on the accident scene; however, they have a high level of experience, education, and proficiency that qualifies them as experts in a certain field. These experts can be medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, economic experts, mental health experts, specialized experts, and engineering experts. They can testify about how the accident took place, the amount and extent of future medical treatment the victim needs, the permanency of their injuries, and the amount of future wage losses. Your lawyer might consult with any of these experts to better understand certain aspects of your case and help form the best legal strategy.

The Role you Play

Although your personal injury lawyer recommends and locates an expert witness, you may also be involved. While the attorney works on building your case, you might have to give more information to assist the witnesses as they do their job. Your attorney may refer you to an expert medical examiner to establish the facts of your injuries or ensure you get the care you need in the future. As your attorney tries to prove liability or damages, they will not leave any stone unturned. They may have to reach out to regional or national experts to help you secure what you need. 

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