Tech Reviews Shares the Biggest Things Ever Stolen


When you think of the word stealing, all that crops up in your mind may be a purse, a piece of jewelry, or perhaps a car. What is the biggest thing that you can think of being stolen? A bank robbery perhaps. If so, you would be amazed to learn about some of the biggest things that have been stolen. In this article, Reviews shares the biggest things ever stolen.

The Things

  1. A fully loaded oil tanker– Thrice in a span of 18 months, Somalia pirates stole fully loaded oil tankers from an oil field in Ghana. The oil tankers contained 4.1 million barrels of oil worth $100 each. After investigation, it was suspected that a theft of this magnitude would not be possible without the Nigerian Navy guards being an accomplice in the entire game. In due course of time, one tank was recovered but it had been painted to another color by then.
  2. A beach– As weird as it may sound, it is true that an entire beach was stolen by some miscreants from Jamaica. This happened in July 2008 when hundreds of tons of sand were stolen from Coral Spring Beach in Trelawny. The Jamaican police had no clue where to start looking for the people responsible for the theft because as many as 500 truckloads of sand were estimated to have been stolen. The conjecture to the theft is that the sand was sold to rival resorts because of business rivalry.
  3. A 3000-pound bell– An antique and priceless bell according to the Buddhist monks of the temple was stolen from Tacoma in Washington in the year 2005. The bell was cast in Vietnam and used only on special occasions. The thieves probably had no idea of the historical importance and real value of the bell because they were later caught trying to sell it for $500 which amounted to the value of the metal only.
  4. Fighter Plane– A Major of the Israeli Air Force stole a World War II Mustang Fighter Plane in the year 1992. It so happened that the plane was waiting to be moved to a museum when the Major spotted it in a reserved airfield. He spent some time restoring the almost-priceless vintage plane before he flew it to Sweden. He sold it there for an amount of $331,000! Later it was located when the Interpol became involved in finding it. The Swedish companies still use the plane.
  5. A bridge– Have you ever heard of a bridge being stolen? In 2007, this is exactly what happened in Khabarovsk in eastern Russia. The bridge which was a 200-tonne metal was part of the only road that allowed access to a local heating plant. Its disappearance overnight cost the company $37,000 to replace it so that the employees could continue to come to work. Interestingly, it is not an isolated case of bridge stealing as similar theft has been reported in India, the Czech Republic, and Turkey.


According to Reviews, stealing anything is a crime. It doesn’t matter whether the object is incredibly valuable or not. So, if you ever catch somebody in the act of stealing, you should persuade them not to do so and report them if they don’t feel any remorse.

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