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What To Do During an Office Renovation

Whether it’s by choice or due to an unexpected accident, office renovations that cause workers to be displaced for a certain amount of time are bound to happen. So when you find yourself in a situation where you need to provide amenities for your employees, do you know where to begin?

Find a Temporary Work Space

If working remotely is not an option in your line of work, finding a temporary office space for workers to come in and get the job done is the first step in having a successful “office away from the office.” Sometimes, a change of scenery can be nice. Mobile offices for longer renovations or outdoor settings for emergency quick-fixes are both options that can be utilized under different circumstances.

Find Temporary Restrooms

It may not be one of the first things on your mind, but finding a temporary restroom is an important part of making your office departure as comfortable as possible. Using mobile restrooms can bring back a sense of normalcy to office life; if employees are having to go off-site just to use the restroom or wash their hands, it can not only make the frustration of being out-of-office worse, but it is highly inconvenient. 

Find Focus

In all of the hustle and bustle of getting people out of the office and into a temporary place to conduct business, workers may have a hard time focusing. Setting communication boundaries, addressing and suppressing common distractions and finding space to relax to give the mind a break are all great things you and your employees can do during an office space shift. 

If you ever find you and your coworkers in a pinch for time to get out of the office or foresee a need to relocate during the week, figuring out where you’ll work, where the closest restrooms are and how to refocus your energy on assignments are key factors in having a smooth transition from office to office. 

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