What You Should Know About Holistic Medicine

To improve your overall health, it is believed that a holistic approach is necessary. In fact, using holistic approaches to address specific diseases or conditions, such as heart disease, has also proven to improve overall health.

What it Is

Before you start searching for holistic medicine Hollywood FL, you should know what it is. Holistic medicine recognizes the relationship between the body, mind and spirit. It sees them as parts of a whole. Therefore, sickness in one area affects every part of you. Instead of focusing on treating specific functions or diseases, this type of medicine focuses on improved health for your mind/body system as a whole.

The purpose of this treatment is to improve your body’s natural healing abilities. You are also encouraged to take control of your health. It focuses on prevention, and disease treatment is secondary.

Its Benefits

Holistic medicine has several benefits. First, it improves your habits and lifestyle. It prevents you from contracting diseases and other health conditions. Your anxiety and stress levels are reduced. You experience less depression and feel renewed happiness and excitement about a healthy life. You also may experience enhanced healing abilities, and your body is able to delay or withstand disease onset.

Its Core Principles

Holistic medicine operates on several core principles. First, you are responsible for your well-being and can heal yourself. Your health is comprised of your social, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. Rather than treating disease symptoms, the holistic approach focuses on eliminating the underlying causes of diseases. Because you are treated as a whole being, your outcomes are largely dependent upon your relationship with your doctor, who needs to understand your underlying emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

Its Forms

Holistic medicine has several therapies. For example, homeopathy, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and naturopathy are all holistic. However, physical therapy, biomolecular therapies, chiropractic care, and scientific medicine, such as chemotherapy, prescriptions and surgery, are also included. You may also be told to pursue massage, hypnosis, music therapy, psychotherapy or other treatments. Be aware that you will also be asked to make lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, meditation, self-massage and counseling.

If you want to improve your overall health, not just treat symptoms, consider working with a holistic doctor.


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