Wheelchair Mobility Vehicles and Cars with the Best Service

Wheelchairs help a lot of individuals to remain independent – but most of this independence comes from getting access to transportation that can accommodate their wheelchair. That is why it is imperative for users to find a car that they not only like and love but that is also accessible. Fortunately, tons of vehicles on the market today are readily accessible to people in wheelchairs. Listed below are things people need to consider when it comes to vehicles for wheelchair users.

The benefits of Wheelchair Mobility Cars

If a person is already starting their new vehicle search, they know that there are tons of choices on the market today. With all of the things users have to take into consideration, there are benefits to every vehicle type on the market.


These things are excellent all-around automobiles for people using wheelchairs since they have tons of room to use. People can find them at different price points and can provide easy access, and have pretty high safety ratings. People can get minivans with either a rear or side entry, which is a huge bonus for ease when out and about with wheelchairs. Minivans are considered one of the best automobiles for wheelchair transfers.

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Full-size vans

Most of these things will come with lifts instead of ramps. The system can be more expensive compared to other kinds of vehicles. Still, they have tons of room, which most individuals need not only to accommodate wheelchairs but also the user’s family members.

Sports Utility Vehicles

This vehicle type is very popular because it is excellent for off-road driving, as well as driving in inclement weather. A Sports Utility Vehicle can be more expensive compared to other options, but tend to be roomier compared to minivans, with tons of cargo space.


Cars are usually the most cost-efficient option but have the least amount of extra space. But they are low to the ground, which is excellent for transferring things. They are also very easy to handle, which makes these vehicles an excellent option for new drivers.


These things are very powerful and excellent for towing but may not be the best choice for people using wheelchairs since they are pretty high off the ground. Wheelchairs, once stored in the back of the truck, can also be vulnerable to harsh elements.

The best automobiles for wheelchairs

Let us take a closer look at specific models of the best WACs available on the market today.

Ford C-Max

This vehicle has tons of room space for both the driver and its passengers. It features wide and high doors to provide users with tons of additional space to transfer, as well as more room in the back of wheelchairs or mobility scooters. It can also be adapted for users by adding seat lifts, pedals, hand controls, and wheelchair hoists. Additionally, it is relatively cost-effective, which is always a good bonus.

JEEP Grand Cherokee

If users love to have some oomph in their engine, they cannot go wrong with the Grand Cherokee from JEEP. It is a small Sports Utility Vehicle that can be fitted with power seats, running boards, tie-downs, and powerful lifts for individuals using wheelchairs, thanks to Chrysler’s Automobility Program. The conversion under this Automobility Program qualifies the user for reimbursements for up to a thousand dollars, which is a good bonus.

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Subaru Forester

This Sports Utility Vehicle is considered one of the most popular vehicles on the market today for both non-wheelchair and wheelchair users. But for individuals who are using wheelchairs, this Sports Utility Vehicle offers tons of comfort and safety.

It comes with an all-wheel drive, as well as an automatic transmission. It is also one of the most dependable Sports Utility Vehicles people can find in the market today. Every Forester can undertake modifications from the manufacturer to make it accessible, like hand or foot control, as well as pedal extensions. Hatchbacks also makes it a lot easier to store the wheelchair.

Hyundai Sonata

It is a simple and dependable car for people who uses wheelchairs. It is a midsize vehicle that is pretty reliable and comes with an excellent warranty. It is easy to access because it is low to the ground. It also comes with features like smart systems, so people will never have to ask for directions ever again.

Honda Odyssey

If a person is in the market for a good minivan, the Honda Odyssey is one of the most cost-efficient and reliable they can find. It has great fuel efficiency and is pretty easy to use. Even though it is considered a minivan, the floors are very low for easier entry, and it can be altered easily for people who use wheelchairs.

Kia Soul

If you are looking for automobiles that are quirky, the Kia Soul fits your needs. It looks small and compact from the outside but is pretty roomy inside, with low floors and high ceilings. Kia Soul also has wider doors for easy exit and entry. And the low price makes it pretty affordable for most individuals. If an individual is looking for a new vehicle, the list should get them off to an excellent start when it comes to finding the best automobile for wheelchair users.

Choosing a WAC

Search offline and offline

There are car dealerships around the country that offers wheelchair mobility vehicles, but remember not to limit yourself to snooping around dealerships in person. People can find secure and experienced online dealerships that can deliver accessible cars nationwide. It will offer a broader range of cars, as well as prices, without having to go far. Also, check out some classified advertisements on the Internet. People can find tons of WAC owners who are also looking to sell their cars.

Choose the right style

Before you start checking out vehicles, you need to narrow your search by looking for an automobile that best suits your needs. If you are an individual using a wheelchair and also driving a vehicle, look for an automobile with a side entry and a full floor.

If the user has enough mobility to transfer to the driver’s seat easily, or if somebody else is driving the automobile, they can choose for side entry or rear entry vehicle. Always remember that different entry systems will suit various preferences.

Side-entry ramps mean people will need some additional room space on the side, which can be pretty challenging if the user is parked next to other automobiles. Rear entry vans are a lot easier for driveways or parking lots but can make it very hard to use on the curbside.

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