3 Annoying Things That Can Happen Online

World wide web, or popularly known as the internet is now a big part of our everyday lives. We cannot spend an hour without looking at this huge informational hub. But, some features of the internet, which were mainly introduced to make it safer, are making our lives hell. These features are not only annoying, but they also take a huge chunk of our time while we are surfing the internet.

1. Region-Specific Contents

You are surfing the net or, trying to watch a specific content on YouTube or Netflix, and suddenly you see, this content is unavailable in your country. This is caused by region-based content blocking. Content creators and providers face copyright-related issues daily. And, when content is banned in your region or, that content is infringed with copyright claims, they need to deny you access to that.

They can use your region-based IP address to know if you are allowed to access the particular contents or not. They also use the response time of your device to pinpoint your location. Though, this feature of geo-blocking helps them to avoid lawsuits and to keep you safe from fraudulent activities, it can be annoying at times. But you can use any virtual private network or VPN to hide your IP address and access the site you intend to.


Firstly, it was introduced to save you from any type of online fraud. They are based on the Turing Machine, which can differentiate between human and machine. But these are now becoming a double-edged sword, as they waste our valuable time and they can pose as a real challenge to any disabled person trying to surf the net.

3. Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads

Websites are now looking to make quick bucks off of you by adding advertisements to their page. Though these JavaScript-based windows were first introduced to help you surf the net, now they are becoming a huge headache. When you are surfing through the internet and a new webpage is loading, they try to include these pop-up windows as a part of it. Though you can block them through your browser settings, they only block the ad created when loading the webpage. Any pop-up ads after that, can’t be blocked by them.

And when you try to close them, companies sneakily provide you with a close button, which will then redirect you to their website which may show “this content is unavailable in your country”.

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