3 Awesome Paradise in Bandung, Get Ready to Amaze!

Tired of the identical tourist spots each time you are about Bandung? This listing could change your own life on the way you should vacation around Bandung. By Lembang, Garut, Pangalengan, to Cipatat, all these will be the 16 greatest natural attractions round Bandung which can rejuvenate you in a minute.

Tebing Gunung Hawu

This mountain blows lots of different mountains from their water. Here is where your superhero fantasies come true, and “hanging out” takes on a very different meaning. For sunrise fans, Tebing Gunung Hawu boasts a wonderful viewpoint to see the sunlight wake up because of the morning responsibilities. Even better, you can grab that sunrise from the perch at a hammock, the dangling distance between two towering cliff sides. Has this picture become your adrenaline working? Hammocking was popularised by a set of sailors to improve tourist activity in the region, — and consequently, avoid limestone miners from continuing to ruin Gunung Hawu’s surroundings.  

Mother Nature is happy with you. The mountain can be famous for its enormous “pit” you can view in the centre of the hill. It is also the main reason the mountain has been christened “Hawu”, so “fireplace” in Sundanese. As you’re here, how do you pass on snapping a movie for this uncommon sight? If you are lucky, you could even catch sunlight filtering in through the gap, making a panoramic sight.

Cikahuripan River

Have you ever heard of Cikahuripan lake’s hidden canyon, situated only 1 kilometre from the entry of Cikahuripan tourism place? The route is dominated by giant stones all of the way up both towering cliffs of 10 metres large, spreading around 100 metres wide from 1 side to the other. Wedged between the fossil deserts is a tiny lovely lake of Cikahuripan. Its water glistens from the space, making an inviting body of crystal pond. The water moves as strong as metres, however, a few rocky areas are shallower, and that means you’re able to enjoy it along with your loved ones.

Sanghyang Heuleut

Tucked off at West Bandung at a distant region of Cipatat, Sanghyang Heuleut is a little pond surrounded by big white temples, lush jungle and also a small waterfall as the water resource. It flows into the flow of Citarum river that’s also a part of a hydropower plant life. Through geographical investigation, Sanghyang Heuleut is recognized as a prehistoric pond which has existed throughout time. Legend also has its secluded place was intended for its tactical bathing area for goddesses.

No wonder the location had been termed “Sanghyang” so “sacred” while “heuleut” signifies “the distance between two worlds”, that describes the way the sacred place was earmarked for celestial beings. The pond itself lives up to its standing, as evident from the mythical environment and unexplainable beauty of its region. It is something so heavenly you must see to trust.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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