3 Characteristics of Good Leaders

Whether you’re in charge of a team of five or 500, you’re in a leadership role, and this role demands that you can effectively motivate and inspire people to do their best work. There are many types of leaders and leadership styles, but three characteristics are common to all good leaders. You can improve your leadership skills by understanding these three traits.

  1. A Good Leader Can Solve Problems

Leaders at all level face the challenge of making decisions and solving problems. Good leaders face their problems and make their decisions by asking the right questions, gathering pertinent information, and creating options to work with. Often these decisions are made under pressure and require calmness and clarity.

  1. A Good Leader Is Driven by Results

Leaders have a vision of where their organizations are headed. Good leaders take action on this vision and turn it into results. They set objectives and priorities and keep focused on the end result. They maintain a positive attitude when setbacks occur and keep their employees on track. Good leaders are driven by their vision and don’t slack off until it’s realized.

  1. A Good Leader Leads People

Leadership is about working with people. Good leaders know their people and what motivates them. They encourage ideas and welcome suggestions. They remove obstacles and create a work environment through structure, support, and rewards that helps employees reach the organization’s goals. Good leaders support and care about their employees. They listen and give rather than take credit for success. They give people enough freedom to grow and develop so that they can tap the full power of their potential.

There are many other characteristics that good leaders display. When you’re in a leadership position, your actions — as perceived by your employees — will define your leadership style and determine your effectiveness as a leader.


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